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GPX250 oil filter bolt is rounded

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by aviper4u, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. hi

    went to change oil filter today and the wrench slipped after multiple attemtps to loosen the bolt. I am now left with a rounded bolt head that i cannot undo any suggestions? i have come up with vice plier.........

    thanks for the help guys :(
  2. File 2 flat spot on it, get a shifting spanner and loosen it!! That's my suggestion anyway, it's worked in the past.
  3. Fix For Bolt

    Ok, there are two ways you can tackle this one is providing there is room use a plumbers spanner, has an adjustable head on it so that it will size itself to the head size, this can then be used to undo it, the second is to use a hacksaw and cut some slots into the head and then use a large(that is large head screwdriver and slowwwwwly inch the bolt open with a hammer. there are other ways, but they mean cutting the bolt out
  4. humchu

    Just remember before you attempt to remove this bolt, that the oil filter bolt is not a normal bolt, best to get a replacement from a dealer before you take the old one out.
  5. yea looks like ill need to force it off by filing or maybe vice grip and then take the dealer bolt price on the chin thanks for help guys
  6. Were you turning it the correct way! The sump bolt on my Across got me and I only just got it undone in the end...
  7. Yea was doing it the right way but tried with vice pliers/grips just now and it still slipped now im really pissed off i have no clue how to get the bolt off.......

    thank you for replies
  8. Depending on the bolt it might be possible to drill horizontally through the bolt and slip a rod of some sort through to get a bit more leverage. At least then you wouldn't be needing to worry about grip. That said - with oil, fuel and other flammables around... perhaps it's best if it's left as a last ditch effort.

    You might want to try filing all surfaces of the bolt down and moving down a wrench size; it'll be very time consuming but you'd probably get it undone.

    Also, have you tried to get your hands on a plumbers wrench as was suggested earlier?
  9. I agree... a plumbers wrench is your best bet... and replace the sump plug after you get it out!
  10. yea i have got two plumber wrenches but they are very large but i will give them a try on monday after work thanks for the tips guys

  11. eh???? Why shouldn't he use the same one??? :p:p:p:p:p
  12. I;m sure there's sum(p) reason or other...
  13. *shakes head*

    I've known you for what, 8 years?

    you ALWAYS do that that :)