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GPX250 not starting!!!1

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mr_roboto, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Hey there,

    Got myself a (not so new) GPX a little while ago and being a noob i left the ignition on 'push' so the battery went flat. So, I went and got it a new battery.
    Still wont start but. Battery is fully charged and all. We tried it a few times and tried push starting, but nothing happening.. So now, I don't know what it could be.

    The starter is cranking, but the engine isn't 'catching'. Could it be spark plugs? Is there anything else there could be? Ive organised a mech to come out next week sometime, so if i can't fix it by then, I'll have to pay some one to fix it. Bleh.

    Any ideas?
  2. Ensure it has fuel, and that the fuel tap is allowing flow, try it on reserve and on positions, if still won't start, pull hose off fuel tap that leads to carbs and check for fuel flow on both the above settings.

    If you establish fuel is flowing, remove a spark plug lead one at a time, insert screwdriver into the boot where the plug goes, hold the screwdriver close to an earth, and crank engine with starter, spark should be easily visible.
  3. interesting
  4. Which way should the reserve switch be on? Right now its in the middle. I fiddled around with it when at first the bike stopped working, and I can't remember what it was on originally... :oops:

    Should it be to the left or the right? It isn't marked.

    I dont want to keep trying it too many times in case i flatten the battery again..
  5. The kickstands on the GPXs have a cut off switch (wont start if the stand is down) which often fugs up so you might want to look at that first.
  6. Tried the kill switch?
  7. What bike do you own? I thought all GPX's petcocks were the same? Push towards the front of the bike for reserve, middle is ON, back is off.
  8. I just had a look. As you said, forward is ON, backward is OFF. Middle is reserve...

    Anyway, I tried it on ON and reserve, but still not working.
  9. Good idea!

    You need to check spark before you go any further. Try Tweet's method.

    No spark = kill switch off, cutout switch on, coils open circuit (they can burn out if ignition is left switched on on older bikes, not sure if they will with electronic ignition.)

    If you have spark, make sure that the throttle is kept closed while cranking with the choke on.

    If it doesn't start with choke after 10 - 20 seconds max (only crank for 10 secs at a time), take the choke off but still leave the throttle closed for 3 seconds, then gradually open it to half way and eventually fully open, in case it has flooded.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    Trevor G
  10. kill switch? you mean the red button that has 'run' and 'off' ?
  11. Yessiree!!

    Them's the blighters wot stops most NR bikes from runnin'.


  12. Yeh I tried that.
  13. Has it been sitting around for long? Maybe some fresh fuel might help.
  14. ill give that a go too
  15. try draining your carb bowls, if fuel comes out, fairly good indication fuel is not a problem. i havent seen jets clogged up bad enough to stop the bike from starting.
  16. So do you have spark? Did you test it the way mentioned. If you have spark it has to be either a fuel or compression problem. To be a compression problem it would have to be a fairly old and worn engine to worry about that. So it more than likely fuel IF you have checked that there is spark.

    So do what they have said. New fuel is a start then maybe carb cleaning next. I'm not too sure but i do know whats needed for an engine to run and you obvisously are missing one or more of those factors. Spark, Compression and Gas/Fuel = running engine.
  17. No i havent tried spark yet.. Im new to bikes, so i dont know how to get in there..
  18. Don't know where the spark plugs are, or what they look like? Or you have a full fairing...

    All the best

    Trevor G
  19. Starts with the stand down but cuts out when you let the clutch go.

    Where do you live? maybe someone could come look at it for you..