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GPX250 - No tail light

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tex, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Driving back from Gippsland last night in the family car I was passed by a GPX250. I couldn't help but notice they had no tail light (don't know about brake light).

    If you own one, or know someone who does, and you/they were riding along Sth Gippsland Hwy last night then check the tail light!

    Ride safe
  2. Hey, be nice! That light was as bright as the little 250-twin could get it, ok?
  3. Typical. Nothing ever works on a Kwak. :grin:
  4. BAH! No doubt he was up on one wheel and you just couldn't see the light. :p
  5. ex250s seem to have an issue with the rear tail light (but not brake light), blowing a few times a year.. I had 3-4 go during my ownership of one.
  6. Never had one go one me (17 months) and mate of mine has had his bike for at least 7 years and I've never heard him mention his going...
    Me thinks you were just unlucky.