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GPX250 - No Spark

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RJ45, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. My GPX250 (07') can not start, there is no spark when i try to turn on the bike.

    - Bike was working fine, problem started when i wanted to ride home one day from work and couldn't start
    - The ignition coils, CDI, plugs have been replaced (from wreckers)
    - safety switches (neutral/kick stand/clutch lever) has been disabled)
    - bike is able to crank when i hit the start button, just engine doesn't start
    - batter is ok

    I have had two mechanics look at the bike;

    first one told me that the CDI was broken (which i got it replaced) and still no good..

    second one tells me that me components are working (pick up coils are ok, fuses ok, plugs, ignition coils), and reckons there could be something wrong with the wiring harness. He suggested me to replace the entire wiring harness (might be a bit overkill?)

    Any ideas on what i should do? Or can anyone recommend an experience motorcycle mechanic/electrician? I rang a kawasaki dealer and i am told they charge by the hour and no guarantee they can get it going?!
  2. BTW, I am in sydney
  3. Check your ignition leads. They can come loose from the coils and the plug caps. The leads themselves are copper wire in high voltage insulation, not silicon. They should test to zero ohms on a multimeter. If they're cracked or perished in any way replace them with the right stuff. The plug caps themselves can also go bad and have a 5k ohm resistor in them from memory that can be tested with a multimeter. The resistor is required so don't try to bridge it out. (I've tried. Doesn't work). Double check the connections at the coils are clean and tight and make sure the side-stand switch bypass hasn't failed, though it should still run even if it has, you just wouldn't be able to move off. Leave the neutral switch alone btw, it's just for the light. The clutch lever switch will prevent you from cranking the motor at all if it or a bypass fails.
  4. Download the workshop manual....easy enough to find on the net.

    In the 'electrical' section there are a number of checks and specs for the various components, as well as full wiring diagrams. Do the various checks, and ensure there is power where there should be power...
    i would not 'assume' that the fuses are ok.

    having patience and being methodical, that is the best advice I can give.