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GPX250 neutral indicator/kick stand problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Humpda, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Hi
    Newbie but long time lurker. As per title I have an 07 model of he GPX. Purchased privately 2 weeks ago with 10800 on odo. On way to hockey tonight noticed neutral indicator on dash was not lighting up. Gearbox still finds neutral. If I put kickstand down while in neutral engine cuts out...again this is new...i can usually leave it idling in neutral while I open gate with kickstand down. I am going to check out the bike tomorrow in the light of day but would appreciate some ideas of where to start...stand switch etc.


  2. Kickstand switch should non operative in neutral and seeing the neutral light is off then sounds like either a loose wire or fuse problem. Do have a wiring diagram .
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    Hi Daryl, You should post more ;)

    Generally there is an interlock that allows you to have the bike in Neutral with the kickstand down. If it can't detect you are in neutral then this will fail to the safe condition which is to shut the bike down. The symptoms point to a failure of the neutral switch.

    Do you have a multimeter?

    Snap McSenna beat me to it. :)

    ETA: Wiring Diagram
  4. Cheers guys. I have had a browse at http://faq.ninja250.org which provides wiring diagram. Don't have a multimeter but will get one tomorrow morning.
  5. Just had a look at the wiring diagram and it's not likely to be a fuse as it runs the same fuse as the ignition.
    First look for a loose wire on the side stand switch, neutral switch and starter lockout switch or around the instrument wiring loom plugs.
    If you find nothing you will need to do as Chris suggests and start testing your wiring for a fail.
  6. Thanks everyone for response. Will reset connectors this morning and go from there.
  7. Neutral bulb.
  8. No that wouldn't affect the start interlock, it has to be further down, Neutral switch, or wiring to that switch.
  9. Hi all
    Ok so remembering I am a newb and c#$pping my pants at pulling this thing apart...I begin pulling off the side fairing on clutch lever side (left side when on bike). I am a bit nervous about all this...I certainly dont want to screw anything up. I reseated switch on kickstand and switch on left hand side handlebar assembly...still not working. No neutral light and bike stops in neutral with kickstand down (It is sitting on centre stand). Where is the neutral switch in the damn thing...and is it something I can get to easily? As a newb what is the best way to test with a multimeter? Have located fuse box...not sure if it is worth checking as - as mentioned above - the fuse for neutral also control ignition. The bike starts and runs fine... Can post a pic of that helps....or am I better as a first timer taking it to local bike shop?

  10. If you really want to have a go at this you should get yourself a workshop manual, pretty sure there is one on @87crisis@87crisis download link here https://www.box.com/s/rhsb2lq07ukh9e8gnijw. If you can't find one I have a pdf copy. At least you will know where things are.
    I wouldn't totally discount the bulb theory either.
  11. Hi
    Well I solved the problem finally. It turned out to be a bad connection on the neutral switch - there was a bit of gunk around the contact. I cleaned both terminal and wire contact and reseated and this seems to have done the trick. I took pics of the bike before disassembley so I could at least put the bugger back together again...and no bolts left over...bonus! :) Lot of muck in the sprocket cover so used so kerosene to clean this out. Thanks everyone for their assistance. Appreciate it! BTW thanks for manual...have downloaded and stored in safe place :)


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  12. Well done Darryl, there is a sense of achievement in getting things going yourself.

    Now don't be a stranger and post up a bit more. ;)
  13. Good on you, its a good thing to remember, start with the simple things first particularly with electrical glitches they often turn out to be loose or dirty connections.
  14. May i ask where the neutral switch maybe? I have a yamaha zeal 250, and I am having a similar issue. Is there another thread better for this question?