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GPX250 Naked...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. A friend has a GPX250 with which she's very happy - right price, right performance, down-right reliable - however, she and I concur that full fairing, in the eye of us as beholders, is visually yuck. We were talking about getting together, taking all the fairings of, and making the bike a bit naked and a bit repainted in interesting ways. I thought it might be worth asking those of greater knowledge, whether this poses some sort of mechanical/electrical risk: are the fairings in any way protecting parts that would otherwise be damaged etc by exposure to the elements. The obvious thing is to take the fairings off and have a look, but as travelling to her place to do that will in effect be a commitment to making the bike naked, I thought I'd ask, and besides, it might create such a problem which is not visually obvious.

    Ps has anybody seen, and can convey the location of, any photos on the web of GPX's that have been exposed in their nudity (free sites - we don't want to have to pay for 'pic of the day'!) especially as an intentional modification? (or seen any other mods?)
  2. It may make it un RWC? Might be weorth checking with a RWC tester before you begin?
  3. I dunno if your thinking right there :p IMO the gpx looks better with fairings due to the rear end... I was thinking of leaving mine off after a top end rebuild late last year but it looks more 'mad max insane' rather than 'streetfighter cool'...

    But all you'll really need to do is get a better looking headlight setup (stock with no fairing looks weird and ugly) and get indicators (they are mounted on the fairing)
  4. Like The Toe Cutter??!! :grin:
    "His name is the Night Rider! Remember him when you look at the night sky!"
    That's cool - imagine how your taxi driver scenario might have been different if you looked like a freak!! Mad Max is good, even if we can't achieve The Goose look.
  5. lol, make sure you post some pics when your done, i wanna see how it looks
  6. Mate heaps of ideas here matt black is all the rage though and any thing not nailed down is fair game


    Enjoy the rat bike
  7. That gives me some ideas on what to do to the GPz :p
  8. RWC issues - nope, a faring is NOT an RWC item. as long as you still have approved lights and indicators, this wont be a problem

    Safety/mechanical issues - nope, the faring holds nothing in place other than the indicators and doesn't really protect you from the wind, let alone anything solid :p

    looks issues - here there might be a problem :LOL: nar, i reckon it doesn't look too bad in stock form with no faring. you'll need some indicators and bar mounted mirrors tho. if i'm correct, the brake and clutch levers have mirror mounts on them so that should be easy :grin: grab a nice headlight and mount kit if you dont much like the stockies....
  9. I have to say, I love my full Fairing view of the gpx. :) but it should be possible to make it a naked.
  10. For the ultimate naked GPX click here