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GPX250 mods

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jillGPX, May 8, 2006.

  1. Hi girls and guys, I just bought my first bike, have ridden trailbikes many times, been a pillion on a roadbike, but this is the first roadbike Ive owned/ridden. Got my L's, picked up a 2002 GPX250 last week and want to know which exhaust and what other "must do" mods I should be looking at. Ive always modded cars Ive owned starting with exhaust and wheels but apparently I cant put a fatter tyre on the GPX?? bummer. I can do the exhaust though, so whats the best bang for buck to give me more noise and hopefully some extra hp? Id only be thinking exhaust, possibly air intake and tyres when/if Im able to.. what options do I have?

    Thanks heaps for any info
  2. Try these guys. They have great prices on muffler bearings, piston return springs, adjustable powerbands etc...
    :LOL: :LOL:

    Having had a little joke, the answer is there's really not much point. Keep it as is till you finish restrictions and sell it in order to get a bigger bike. :)
  3. no, the muffler has to go... just need to find which muffler to replace it with
  4. FTW
  5. ?????????? :?
  6. the only GPX250 with pipes other than standard I've seen is eswen's GPX. She has the pipes of a ZZR250 after the originals rusted through. I think they look better but I doubt there's any performance difference. I just checked the Staintune and Megacycle sites and can say don't have anything.

    If you're really desperate i suppose you could have something custom made, but there'd be no garrentees on it and it won't help the resale much. :)
  7. Replace the muffler? Just cut the thing off completely - it'll make all the noise you could want then :LOL:.
  8. Eswen toyed with that too. :LOL:
  9. If you are really keen then get yourself a Muzzy exhaust from the states. These guys will ship then straight to your door in aus for AUD$100. The F/s stands for Full System and it include the headers which are a 2-1 and a muffler. The muffler exits up the right hand side of the bike and it is a straight bolt on job to your bike. You will however have to get it re-jetted afterwards to get it running smoothly. It'll add around 7hp after the change over and re-jet. With our current conversion rate you can have the Full system with Stainless steel can at your door for ~ $590 which is FANTASTIC value. You can also purchase one over here through Wolf performance but it'll cost you $900.

    86-00 EX250 140201-86 F/S ROUND ALUMINUM CAN $339.95
    86-00 EX250 1014-00015 F/S OVAL STAINLESS CAN $369.95
    86-00 EX250 140201-86OC F/S OVAL CARBON CAN $459.95
    86-00 EX250 140201-86OT F/S OVAL TITANIUM CAN $469.95

    You can look them up on ebay as heaps of different guys sell them or you can go to this website which is where i go the above prices from www.starcycle.com

    The EX250 is what the GPX250 is called in America in case you were wondering why it read EX250.

  10. thanks guys, when I bought the bike the guy there said - and showed me on another GPX250 a muffler but I cant remember the name.. Im thinking it was a Trans-arc? he said it was the only way to go...
    but my memory is crap so I figured if its the only way to go somebody here is bound to be familiar with the muffler he was talking about.. "apparently" it works well as far as performance goes and I heard it, it definitely puts out more noise. I'll ring him and confirm the name, but was hoping to find out some other options, seems like its pretty limited.
    No-one else heard of better exhausts for a GPX250?
  11. you could pickup some scrap exhaust from a car wreckers... try getting the work done yourself... if u can weld u could cut/taper down the end... flare the end of it... make a nice curve etc etc... use your imagination!

    otherwise as the guys above said
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  13. for the win
  14. There's heaps of info on the Ninja 250 site (The Yanks GPX250 are Ninja's over there). Unfortunately the info is American based but it's still relevant.

  15. Keep your 250 as stock as possible.. any mod and the next noob will think it was smashed at some time...

    Any how try Megacycle... they will make some thing custom to fit any bike... the $$$ is a factor...
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  17. Thanks Bluey, it did, some good info and comments there. If I do replace the exhaust I'll need to definitely look at rejetting, depending on the exhaust.. thanks ;)
  18. Hell, you can have my pipes. The baffles got taken out of em and theyre loud enough to annoy me every time i ride..

    Id love some quieter pipes for the neighbours too ;)