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GPX250 loss of power, oil leaking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wojtek, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Right,

    My bike shat itself... and I need to decide if I want to take it in for repairs or should I try my hand at it (With help from the old boy no doubt).

    In a nutshell
    - bike dies during riding, wont start
    - starts after 5 min
    - Loss of power
    - oil coming out under the left engine cover
    - oil on boot
    - oil level "ok" while hot (waiting for it to cool)
    - oil on the exhaust pipe near engine
    - possible clunking?

    Was coming home from work, mainly 60 zone with a few 80s and 100s, traffic was flowing well so heaps of air flow. Come to a stop after an 80 zone at the lights and the bike just dies. It turns over but doesnt start.
    I do the embarassing waddle across 3 lanes of traffic, get it off the road and let it cool down a bit even though the temperature gauge was just over "cold". As it's cooling I checked the oil level and was fine (granted it was hot). A bit of smoke coming from the left, looks like there's oil on the exhaust pipe as it comes out of the engine.

    After 5 or so minutes it starts again but it sounds a bit clunkier than normal (perhaps i was paying more attention). I ride it back, gently easing it through the gears and up to 60. It struggles a bit, even at 7k rpm, ie close to pinning the throttle to keep it going. 1.5km or so it dies again but i'm almost home so i give it another shot.

    Had to get the choke in to get it going this time. Just as i'm pulling up at home my left foot slips off the peg, check the boot and there's oil on it. Bit hot too touch at the moment but the bottom of the left engine cover is quite slippery.

    I'm hoping it's someting as simple as a gasket.

    The only other thing that comes to mind is that i rode it with the choke on for a bit too long a few months back, only realised when the engine temp hit 3/4.
  2. Sounds like it could do with a carby clean and fuel system flush. The jets and fuel circuits are tiny in those carbs. If it's run on the choke then your emulsion tubes are probably filthy.
    Shout it a decent service too while you're at it.
    250's tend to be among the most neglected vehicles on the road maintenance wise. Maybe because "I'm only going to ride it for 12 months so why change the oil?" :shock:
  3. Noted... but would that cause the sudden disapperance of oil as well? Or is this an auxilary thing to do while i try to solve the main problem?

    A somewhat valid point, it's hard to justify spending $500+ on a service when the bike cost under $2000. Having said that, the first thing I changed on it was the oil, coolant, filters and brake fluid. Lubed the chain every weekend when riding and even gave her a wash a few times too!

    I had a look at it this morning and it looks like the oil has come from near the top of the left cylinder, plan to remove the fairings etc from her today and delve a bit deeper. I think it's a good time to learn about how these bloody things work!

    Any suggestions on what's bolloxed are still appreciated though. :wink:
  4. Sounds like you've done a gasket. :)
  5. with a bit of luck its just the rocker gasket and is an easy fix. if its the head gasket then its a bit of a bugger. if you oil your chain a lot you will get some going on the pipe under the front sprocket through the little opening that lets crap out. all that does is smell and make your pipe not as pretty. finding the leak is the first thing so get out there and start looking. they ping a bit as it is. oil in the cyclinder may have a small effect on this.
  6. Hi guys,

    My bike ('89 gpx 250) has been playing up on me since 2 weeks ago. It started becoming sluggish and losing power even at 50kmh and eventually decided to die on me and I had to get it towed, even after letting it cool down for a couple of hours (it died just before class at uni) and refused to start. The mechanics had a look at it the next day, they couldn't start it up but took out the filters etc and put it back together again and it started fine. Rode it pretty much everyday since then, even gave it a full blast and it seemed fine until last Saturday night when riding to my boyfriend's in Warrandyte from South Melbourne.

    It was quite cold that night and apparently on my meter my engine stayed at cold the whole time. It was a good ride until I got to Templestowe (about 15-20 minutes from my boyfriends place) that my bike died. It died 4 times from Tempy to my boyfriends place. Started it up yesterday and it was fine, and now that I wanna go home, the bike decided to die again 5 mintues form my boyfriends place. It's a long ride home to mine so decided to go turn back.

    So I pretty much have the same problem, except there is no oil leak. I know that currently my bike is a little low on oil but that shouldn't be the problem. The mechanics think that there may be some 'dirty' fuel in the tank which probably jsut needs blasting out (don't think so anymore) or just a service to see what the problem is. Previous owner said that the carbies might be clogged up as it happened to her before 2 years ago.

    So....Any advice?
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  8. its alive and doesnt seem to like your bf's house.
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