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gpx250 knackered with apparent mechanic shortage in MelbCBD

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gpxkermit250, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. My bike has broken down (see below) and is at work with me now in Latrobe Street. Luckily I can leave it here for a while. Have rung Peter Stevens, Garners, Motorcycle City Repairs and about another 4 places all on their referrals and every mofo is busy for at least 3 weeks minimum. I cant get anyone to even look at it to tell me whats wrong. They are nice enough about it, but are just flat out.

    Is this common for Bike Service Centres in the CBD or anywhere? Is it because during winter they all conk out and there is a high demand or am I just unlucky because Im trying to avoid the cost of hiring a trailer to take it somewhere that can look at it straight away?

    Im trying to find someone in the CBD who can at least have a look, ride it/try and roll start it to at least give me a prognosis. It could just be the battery and some plugs but I have NFI. What are my options? 3 weeks without my bike just isnt cricket and is starting to annoy me as the reality of cancelling all my riding plans already made kicks in! d'oh!!


    Riding along Beach Road I hear a massive bang (thinking someone has let off a shot gun or my tyre has blown up)

    Scared the bajeezes out of me but my GPX kept going without missing a beat so I assumed that it had nothing to do with me. It was only about 500m later that he started to sound/feel like there was a problem (spluttering, labouring, hesitating etc - kind of like when you run out of fuel on the go and your fiddling around trying to flick the reserve lever. Gradual lack of power with some kicking and complaining along the way. This would happen for about 250 metres untill nothing. Total loss of power.

    I flattened my battery trying to get it started (I think it was on its way out anyway, as recently if I stall it in the morning, it will have just a tiny bit of kick in it to start) so attempted a roll start, which worked. Like a miracle my bike took off and rode perfect (like nothing had happened) for at least 500 metres untill the exact same thing happened again - Splutter, no power, couldnt get over about 7thousand RPM and then BANG, loss of power. Waited for a minute, pushed it along as fast as I could, dropped the clutch as I jumped back on, and off we go..

    From Elwood to the middle of the City yesterday and last night (left it there and got a lift back later to try again), over a period of about an hour in total this happened. Must have hit my legs on the pegs trying to jump on about a dozens times (how I didnt drop it is just beyond me). So if you saw some crazy dude taking his Kwaka for a run last night through the streets of Melbourne, that was me.

    How a bike can shiat itself, refuse to start, then be roll started, go perfect for about 500 metres and then carry on like pork chop N die is beyond me?

    Where am I at, and iF I do decide to do some DIY in the garage, what are my possible quick wins to start with? Thanks in advance. Greg
  2. Hey mate, that sucks to hear...

    I dont own a bike yet (have put a deposit on a ninja 250r and waiting paitently) so i dont know if my opinion is valid :p but if it were my car playing up like this i would check my coils... swap them out with a know good pair (got any mates with the same bike?) and see how you go.

    Guys please feel free to correct me on this one.. like i said i dont have any bike experience.
  3. For backfires I'd check and clean the carbs - especially since its dying in the arse. Go find the NinjaFAQ site which has a good article on the easiest way to pull the carbs off and get them on again, plus lots of crap on cleaning and checking the carb.
  4. Call Greg Johnson At Johnson Cycle Tune. Market st . Sth. Melb. 9699 1717
  5. +1 awesome mechanic and a great bloke to boot

    Give him a call I'm sure he will sort it out for you!
  6. Thanks heaps for the replies and suggestions. As much as this whole thing is a pain in the Ass and I want to be mobile again asap, Im just looking at it all as a challenge and bit of fun to fix maybe. (especially if I go for a DIY option)

    The Carbie Theory (Mole) is interesting. I thought it was kind of funny that ever time it would start up and take off, I would generally only get around the same distance each time.

    (MEKROS) - Its a 98 GPX. And yes, ever since the battery started getting a little iffy, this is when the problem occured, so may be related. It was definitly the sound of a backfire. My riding buddy behind me said that when he heard it a massive woft of smoke came out of the left hand side exhaust pip.

    Coil too maybee? Well no shortage of a checklist to go through. Guess its just a process of elimination really.

    Thanks also for the suggested mechanics too everyone. I will try and give them a buzz soon and see what can be done.

    Keep any comments flowing and whether it be now or in 3 weeks time, I will post any updates onthe fix that happen if your at all interested for future reference.
  7. It sounds like a fuel blockage ...It runs after sitting for a while then runs out again ...Im going to sugest you get a trailer and take it out of the city as the hourly rate is lower and there not as busy ..
  8. Brighton Kawasaki are also another bet. My daughter had some good experiences with them looking after the POS Kawasaki 250 LTD she learnt on.
  9. Interesting, my reply to your OP has disappeared.

    Definitely check your fuel lines for any blaockages, even the routing of it. Make sure there are no kinks etc etc.

    Have you decided on a mechanic or got it back to your place yet?
  10. Hey Mekros, nup, I must admit I have been a bit slack. The bike is still at work coz Im being a tigh ass and dont want to pay for a trailor to get it home (10kms away).. Not being able to ride it is really annoying me but Im taking the view of being a rider for the rest of my life, so a few weeks in the coldest and wetest part of the year aint too bad.

    Its at work in our carpark. Im charging the battery at the moment. My plan is tomorrow night to ride it home with my girlfriend driving behind me. Luckily its flat from the city to Williamstown, so I can roll start it myself mostly, but If I get stuck my Mrs will get out and help me push. It gets me about a KM each time before cutting out, so after my episode in the city last week of roll starting it up hills/ in front of Southern Cross station/7-11 etc, I reckon this will be a breeze.. Im hoping I wont need to roll start it if the battery isnt stuffed and actually gives me some kick over each time. Not sure. Will soon see.

    A mate of mine who is pretty cluey with 'general' mechanics from years of just pulling apart his own bikes and putting them back together again is coming over to my joint on the 10th Aug for an all day working bee on the beast. We are just going to run through a checklist of anything and everything that could be an issue relating to FUEL or SPARK. If no joy from there I will just bit the bullet and book it in somewhere. In fact ,I should do that today as it seems to be a 3 week wait anywhere.
  11. If you end up taking it to a shop to fix ,Leave all the plastics off saves you on a bit of labour..
  12. while my ute is a little high to be lifting it onto, i can certainly hook a trailer up if needed. pm me if you need a hand, i'll send back a phone number.(I am near Vic Markets).
  13. shoot me a PM and I can trailer it for you :p
  14. A backfire is ignition related. The symptoms described also suggest fuel delivery probs so there may be a couple of issues to deal with. Sorting these out can take time as they will affect each other.

    If you arent a competant mechanic then the best solution will be to get it serviced by a mechanic and then teach your self the basics by doing some minor servicing.
  15. Your right.. Over the weekend I have been thinking about how it would be a better idea for me to have fun/learn about the mechanic of it all from the start,(something easy) rather than trying to stuff around with no idea and potentially do more damage.

    Spoke to the mechanic this morning and they have had a few cancellations, so are able to at least see the bike today. Luckily I can push the bike there. It will only take me about 15mins.
  16. Any luck? I would have said try a new battery first. I think this could cause a weak spark and back firing.
  17. Tried switching to reserve to rule out a blocked main line?

    Edit: same sounding problem happened to me when I ( :oops: ) dropped it on a carpark, flooded it, turned the fuel tap off to try and dry things out, then forgot to turn it back on - same symptoms, running fine for a hundred meters or so, then spluttering and dying, and me wondering why :p So it sounds very much like a fuel blockage of some sort to me.
  18. Kranky Kwaka is back to life....

    Thanks for all your replies, advice and referrals. It has been an annoying 3 weeks without my bike but I have enjoyed the reading/learning about potential problems/issues from all the opinions and comments posted and conversations that Ive had with just about anyone who gave a stuff.

    From my last post -
    After ringing aroung, (minimum of 4 weeks wait or some contacts just never rang me back???!!) I finally decided to ring Peter Stevens 1 last time as they were only at a 3 week back log. After telling them my situation and desperation to get some action (after deciding against trying to rip it apart myself and hope for the best) Warren from their service centre asked me to at least bring it in so in the off chance a mechanic is spare, they can diagnose it for me and go from there. The same day they had it in pieces and found the problem.

    A shite load of dirt in the fuel that was blocking anything and everything it could on its way through. They also found valve/timing gremlins, dirt/residue all over the place and a couple of dodgy plugs. (So much for the major service I was told it had when I bought it 5 thousands KM's ok - oh well, buyer beware I guess).

    I had 2 options. Put it back together after being cleaned out and the bike will work just ok but run like crap or just get a major service done to save on labour as it was in pieces anyway.

    Now, this is where some people might say "ripped off, I know someone who could have done it cheaper, that took longer than it should have, you paid too much for labour, etc etc"... well that may be true and the hip pocket is a little raw for it, BUT! I got on it last night for the first time and it feels like a different bike. The extra power I have is awesome, sounds grouse and is mega smooth and responsive. Just so glad to have it back PS did a pretty reasonable job in getting me the bike back within 2 weeks of me dropping it off and Im confident they have done it right (ok, so I was on the phone to them a bit hassling and asking questions etc, but was never too much trouble for them to keep me updated and even show me/explain to me the biek in pieces when I went down there to see them mid way though it all)

    * Major Service - Rectify Fuel Blockage/Carbie dismantle & cleanout
    * Valve Clearance check/adjust
    * Replaced engine oil/filter
    * Lube and chain adjust
    * Lube all pivots/cables
    * New Battery
    * 2 spark plugs
    * 2 x O rings
    * Fixed choke
    * Replaced Rear Globe


    Just itching to nail this week over and get out on it Sat Morning round the traps

    Cheers, Greg
  19. good work mate.

    In the end, as long as you're happy with paying that much money, the bike feels better and long term it does solve all the problems you descirbed then what more can you ask for? :)