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GPX250 Fuel Tank Leak?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by val010203, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    New Member here, I've got a 250 GPX 94 Model. I recently had the fairings of to give it a good clean, when i put it back together, I noticed a fuel leak.
    Its the actual surround plate for the screw hole, at the top of the LHS of the fuel tank, fuel is leaking out from behind it at a steady rate.
    Should I be worried about it or can I just put a filler or Bog type of substance around the screw Plate?

    Any help is much appreiciated

    Regards Dave
  2. Having trouble understanding where on the tank you are talking about.
    The only screw holes I am aware of are the suround for the fuel filler cap (On top of the tank), the screws that attach the Fuel Tap to the LHS underneath and the two screws going in each side at the front of the tank fastening the fairing to the tank!
    Only other screws I can see would be the ones that fasten the tank to the frame, one at the front under the steering head and two at the rear just in front of the battery.

    If the integrity of the tank is compromised then Bog won't fix it!
    If it is the fuel filler or tap then it may just need a new seal.
    If it is the fuel filler, how full is the tank? If it is full and the breather and over flow pipes are blocked the tank if left in the sun or just been filled and left to stand above a hot engine can cause the fuel to expand and if the tank overflow or breather is blocked it will leak past the filler cap and all over the tank and onto the ground, it would be more noticable if the bike was its side stand.

    Val let me know exactly and I should have a solution for you!

  3. Thanks Manny
    If that is the case then the best way to fix that is to have it brazed (A bit like soldering but with an oxy/acetylene torch). The tank will have to be cleaned out and all traces of fuel removed as welding to a fuel tank isn't good when fuel is in it as you could imagine.

  4. A liner may give you a bit of time, but Idont' advise it.

    They are good if you have a bit of surface rust inside the tank and want to stop it before you go too far.

    Bite the bullet and get it fixed.

    A radiator place may be able to do the brazing a bit cheaper, if you can do the paint yourself.
  5. You have just discovered the NUMBER ONE problem with virtually ALL GPX250's. Whats happened it at some stage is someone has screwed in the top Fairing screws a little too hard without the rubber spaced that are ment to be behind it (which im guess are totally missing now?) and pieced the tank.
    Anyways, the easiest solution is to never pull the fairing off with more than half a tank of fuel and put plumber tape on the screw before you put them back in. Tho plumbers tape is only an interim solution, petrol will eventuall eat away at it and leak again.
  6. Thanks Guys, That clears it up for me. any idea how much it would be for the screw plate to be Brazed ?? Obviosly it only happens when the tank is Full of fuel (as the screw is at the top of the fairing)can I get away with riding it in the mean time?
  7. Yup, as long as you seal it with something.
  8. Val
    I wouldn't ride the bike until it is fixed.
    Fuel isn't something you should muck aroud with. Fuel can leak and may come across a loose wire connection or something along those lines and start a fire. You could park your bike and someone walks past a little close with a cigarette and boom. The Petrol vapours are the most volitile component of the fuel.
    I don't want to sound like a worry monger but I would hate for you to end up in flames.

    Spend a few bucks now and if you ask the right questions here on this forum you may find someone who could fix it or reccomend someone who could.
  9. Looks like I just found the answer to the question I was about to ask. I think I'll just try to find a tank from a wrecker as my solution.