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GPX250 for $6000 - Good Deal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TCShadow, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. I'm currently looking at getting my first bike. Spoke to a kawa dealer who made me the offer of an 07 GPX250 with 800km on the clock, list price $6500.

    Bargained down to $6k and they throw in first service and free rego transfer.

    Bike comes with 1 year rego 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    It seems like a good deal but I simply don't know enough about the value of bikes.

    Should i try to talk them down more to $5500?

    As far as people saying dont buy the first bike you look at there's really only 3 beginner bikes that people recommend and they all sound very similar... so technically the price of the bike is the only factor.

    I can't really judge a bike by riding it up and down a lane way and I dont have any experience to go on. It did feel a lot nicer to ride than the ScorpioZ we used at the learners course though.

  2. Hey mate :) The GPX is a good bike if you want a touring bike and not one for the twisties etc. $6000 with rego and first service sounds pretty good but youl could probably get a even better deal if you ask them to discount some more if you buy your gear there if you havnt got that yet :) If you want a faster bike with some better cornenring abilities buy a zxr or cbr. Cheers, Stef :)
  3. Market value probably around $5500-$6000. All the 07 models I found on bikesales are going for around $5500 but they do not include first service or rego transfer and have a few thousand kms.

    Whats stopping you from buying say a 5 year old GPX250 and paying only $3500/$4000 with around 20,000kms?

    I would think due to the new 250R Ninja the demand for the GPX has gone down so if you plan to on sell it soon after you can upgrade you might be better off buying an older second hand bike which won't lose its value as much as a new/newish one would.
  4. I'm fairly sure they were selling the gpx250r earlier this year for $5,990 + ORC's.

    So 6k onroad sounds a little expensive for a used 07 model.

    I wouldn't buy from a dealer, but if you have to, bargain them down more.
  5. :-k

    $6500 on road is a bit over priced.

    $6000 on the road sounds reasonable for what's effectively a new bike... but I'd be wondering about those 800kms. Was it their demo bike? In that case, the random rides have taken place during the run in period... has it been properly looked after?

    If you have the readies, there's nothing wrong in buying a new/near new bike... just understand there's a very good you'll be dropping it...

    My first bike was a GPX, 4500km on the clock, from a dealer, 18months old, and I paid about $5500 back in 2000... just goes to show that in real terms these bikes are as cheap as chips.

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  6. the dealer said the owner traded it for a 600cc ninja...

    and yeah my biggest worry is that I'll drop it and lose $3k off my resale value
  7. 6000 on road doesn't sound like such a crash hot deal to me for a (little) used GPX, even with the first service included.

    Cost of first (1000 km) service is next to nothing, 150-180, or you can do it yourself (oil change and general all over check) for near free. So it really doesn't bear considering as part of the deal.

    They were doing brand new GPXs in Perth a little while ago for 5990 on road, this was when they just introduced the new baby ninja. So I would say that the dealer should have a lot more room to bargain below 6500!
  8. Ask the dealer if there is any warranty on it, either from the dealer of from the factory. Personally I think it's not a bad deal. $6k ride away for a beaut bike like the GPX sounds fine. You can get something a little older for 1/2 to 3/4 the price, but it's your call. Either way good luck with the shopping.
  9. Check any recent edition of Cycle Torque, but I'm sure the other guys are right; the bike used to be $6,000 brand new....
  10. For that amount of money, I reckon you'd be better off getting a VTR250.
    Since starting work for a high volume dealer in recent months, I have learnt alot about buying/selling bikes. I would never buy a second hand bike from a dealer, keep looking, a private sale of the bike your after will surface eventually :wink:
  11. I bought a 07 gpx 2 months ago for $5500, but if i had my time again i would buy an older cheaper model as now i am ready to upgrade and the resale value comes into play on trade ins and i wont be getting more than 4 to 4,500 as a trade on my new bike, all depends how long you plan on keeping the bike etc
  12. last post under fran_e is actually me, didnt notice my lovely wife didnt sign out and i never signed in :oops:
  13. I talked them down another $250 to $5750 with delivery to me(about a 30 min drive), free first service(about $150ish worth), free rego transfer($26).

    The bike has 1 year factory warranty left as well as 1 year rego.

    Put down a deposit on it today.

    I'll keep it as a commuter to the city for work and then when I grow out of it I'll give it to my GF to learn on as she wants to get a licence too... So we'll have the bike for a while and I want to stay on a slower bike and learn to ride properly before I upgrade to anything bigger. Having the power would be too much of a temptation and I'd probably kill myself.

    I figure as long as I don't drop it or come off I'll keep reasonable resale value on it. And yeah I know they say everyone drops their bike but hey I'll try not to :)

    Now I just need to figure out how I'll get the other $5250
  14. i have an '07 gpx, but got it for $5200 from jefferys with a warranty i believe.

    the downside was the 14000k's :D
  15. Well done. Onroad with 1st service and delivery, nice. :)

    Resale on the gpx250r's is pretty so-so. Especially now with the popular replacement which every seems to want (ninja 250r).
    But if you keep it in good nick, I'm sure you'll be fine. :cool:
  16. I got a 06 GPX with 6k on the clock private sale for $4.4k

    I looked into buying new and teh price was more like 7k + on roads from 1300 kawasaki the ZZR was almost 10k inc on roads (which is why i went private sale)

    Dont listen to any 18 yr old know it all about the cornering ability of a GPX i throw mine around corners and take it up the hills every weekend.
  17. Good stuff, congrats on your new machine!
  18. TY everyone for the feedback. I was a bit unsure of myself as I used to be friends with used car dealers but didn't really remember how much of a markup they put on bikes.

    After I thought about it I remembered that the dealer actually said the bike was $6990 list price and he dropped it to $6500 to try and get me in... So I figure getting a practically new bike for $1240 under list price with the rego transfer, service and delivery thrown in it was a decent deal.

    I also knew they had everyone gunning for ninjas but I didn't care to spend $7990 for a bike in high demand and a waiting list and figured they'd want to offload the "older model" for whatever they can get for it... it's still technically the same bike anyway, mainly cosmetic differences. So what if it's a little less agile and slower... it's a learner bike.

    A guy i did my learners with said he'd already bought his ninja and i remember thinking $8k was a LOT of money to pay for a first bike that you'll likely drop a few times.

    Besides I started this whole thing wanting to buy a 125cc scooter :p
  19. Actually I think the 250R is about the same, as you said the changes are mostly cosmetic. The GPX250 I believe puts out more power on paper.
  20. As someone who has and rides a 1995 GPX, I can tell you that she is not a slow bike and the only reason she doesn't always handle the twisties well is due to her pilot's timidness to get down on the pegs. Though, I am learning to push my boundries with each ride.

    Best of luck with your purchase, you have chosen well in buying a GPX :grin: