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GPX250 design flaw?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Roy Boy, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. I ride an 07 GPX250, and a few times now going around left handers I've touched down and been booted upright quite sharply. I checked pegs and they were unscathed, and them being spring loaded I would have expected the kick back to be a bit more forgiving if it was them. The only thing I found was scuffing on the side stand!


    So I was just wondering really whether any other GPX riders are encountering this, or is my suspension just set too soft or something?
  2. Any bike will do that, it's a sign to lean the bike less. Do not heed the warning and you will meet your dark mate Mr Lowside.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Past GPX's did do that, i run in the same problem with my 06 model, but im gonna listen to typhoon and not lean it down so far, couldnt hurt to try to not crash. :grin:
  4. Check the bottom of your foot pegs where the (too much beer so I can't remember any terminology) thingys stick out - they are designed to hit first aren't they?

    The stand scrape was probably caused when you rode off with the stand down one day...
  5. ZZR and GPX will do this easily - my centrestand used to be the main contender scraping away in corners, then when I bent my kickstand my kickstand would be the thing that would scrape first. After I learnt some decent riding technique it goes away unless you're REALLY REALLY going for it / giant bump mid corner.

    Bump up your rear preload to max IMO. Then learn that the more YOU lean off the bike, the less the bike has to lean meaning more speed in the corner before scraping.
  6. Listen to what Typhoon says.

    Most GPX250s bear these scars. :grin: Check your centre stand too, I bet that will have some scrape marks also.

    The pegs aren't far off when you're scraping these parts though, and a decent bump combined with the GPX's suspension can mean the pegs can meet the ground pretty hard.
  7. You're getting the side stand down...? !??!? :shock:

    First of all, well done for having the cohunes to lean the bike that far...

    Second of all, sounds like you'd do well to get some weight shifting going on.

    I had a gpx, it readily decked the pegs, but not the side stand... I wonder whether they've tweaked the design???
  8. My old GSX550 (pre-sidecar) would put the (aftermarket) exhaust down on the right and the centrestand tang on the left, both at about the same time that the toes of my boots developed a chamfer to the sole. The pegs never touched. Weight shift might have helped, but pushing harder on the secondhand Roadrunners that were my staple tyre fare at the time wouldn't have been terribly sensible.

    Many of my mates' motley assortment of ageing middleweight/heavyweight Jap tackle behaved similarly. Hero blobs on pegs that hit before anything else are a modern development to suit nancy-boys who can't cope with the rear wheel being levered off the ground mid-corner :wink: .

    Seriously though, I wouldn't assume any bike will first ground something forgiving until I'd progressively explored the limit.
  9. Pillion / noob lean off a gpx / zzr = scrapey town.
  10. My '01 ZZR does that....centrestand first, so that got taken off, now it's the sidestand that seems to hit first (only got the peg down for the first time at the track yesterday).

    Once that's happening, like the others have said, it's time to start weight shifting.
  11. I call BS - you guys need to video tape it...lol.
    Has the spring lost tension and the stand is handing lower when you corner maybe?
  12. Its no BS really!! My old 06 zzr did the same since new. I have no doubt the gpx is the same. Side stand would touch first on one side and centre stand on the other. No point panicing when it happens but its definately best avoided. Its not really a design flaw, they are not designed as sports bikes like the 2-strokes and inline 4 250's.

    It freaked me out (scraping large metal parts) so I started to practice weight shifting and eased up around the corners. Once (if) you buy a bigger sports bike you'll have heaps more ground clearance and you probably won't be scraping pegs any time soon (on public roads).
  13. I haven’t really had that close a look to notice if my centre/side standis worn, but my foot pegs are worn pretty bad.

    They are now sharp pieces of metal that you can conveniently cut your leg on as you shimmy past the bike. Trust me its possible. Done it 2 bloody times already!
  14. i use to get the centre stand down on my scooter.. no pegs to scrape on one of them

    the GPX i upgraded to use to go peg down alot. but never stand down.

    weight shift, and u wont scrape stands etc. and u will corner better.

    what is your body weight? are u overloading the bike?
  15. Ask paul, he's seen it sparking up my local twisties at night - glorious! :LOL: :cool:
  16. Tip: For really spectacular pyrotechnics, drill and tap hero blobs for titanium bolts.

    For extra effect, repeat for knee sliders :grin: .