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gpx250 clutch problem (fixed)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Androo, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. my friend is having a bit of a problem...during a gear change, his clutch cable snapped (near the top). everything else seemed fine - he kept riding using clutchless shifts until he hit traffic lights.

    so the cable wasn't a problem to fix (about $25)

    but the clutch lever (the one on the engine) doesn't feel right. it can be moved by hand up and down (with some mechanical resistance). but it doesn't spring back.

    any tips/suggestions?
  2. He may want his mechanic to do the cable replacement, in this way the lever can be properly checked and adjusted. It may cost a little bit more but hey clutchless shifting may cost him even more. :)
  3. who said anything about a mechanic :p

    i want to rip off the clutch cover and have a look :grin:
  4. i'll do the same thing myself but i don't know if your friend is keen on doing that himself let alone you doing it. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. use search on this site to get the GPX 250 service and repair manual as i was posted only recently. (sorry would put the link in here but know sh*t about how to). You could download the manual and work out the problem from there? maybe?
  6. we do have the service manual, but the diagrams are average quality to say the least :?
  7. just wondering... how did you fix it?
  8. amm it was a while ago but something like ... removed and cleaned the clutch plates, make sure everything was replaced the correct way, make sure the lever hooks onto the rod behind the clutch cover properly. we also shortened the clutch cable so we could adjust it nicely
  9. thank you, androo. i hope those who have the same problem find it useful.
  10. I'll say.

    I paid the money to buy a hardcopy, and boy! I've never really been able to figure the rotten thing out.
  11. If you're talking about the service manual in pdf format, it is really not that hard to understand ................. if you can read it.
  12. i dont know if you had the same version of us, but this one was 100 times worse than any other manual i've seen :p
  13. i have a problem , i dropped a push pop lollie in my engine , how do i find it
  14. Send in an army of ants?
  15. :shock:
  16. Are you serious??? :? :eek:
  17. i think its in there , wear the handlebars are , have to find it
  18. On the Gpx 259 is there any specigic way that the clutch plates go on. I am blowed what the correct way is? Can anyone help?
    Thank you.
  19. Sorry That should read Gpx250.