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GPX250 clutch has gone?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by spongesam, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. I have decided to come to the conclusion the clutch has had it

    the bike revs/warms up, works fine, apart from, when in gear... (any gear)... it won't get past about 5k rpm.

    so the clutch has had it? started to do this to me the other night, then it seemed fine, but today just sputters along

    parts sourcing... any bike shop has the parts?

    how long does it usually take for home handyman to change the clutch?

  2. i'll try again... simply this time...

    how long would it take me to change the clutch...

    and, can i get the required parts from my local bike shop (ie: just get them today)
  3. I think it's a pretty safe bet you have come to the wrong conclusion.
    A clutch issue wil not cause an engine to fail to rev.
    I strongly suggest you either buy a workshop manual for your bike, or take it to someone who knows what they are doing.
    You are getting ready to throw money down teh drain.
    You probably have an ignition/fuel issue.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. About an hour to change the clutch. Best to have the workshop manual.

    Chances are they'll have to order in the clutch plates.

    But as typhoon mentioned, I think you're barking up the wrong tree.
    If a clutch has had it, it will slip from a standing start and get gradually better as you speed up and the inertia is more (or is it less?).
  5. Agreed.

    Wouldn't the bike rev it's tits off but only go about 5 kays an hour?

    That's what's happened to me in the past when a car clutch has cried ENOUGH!!
  6. If it won't rev past a given rev point, it's not the clutch.

    If you were riding up a hill and you accelerated and the the revs rise quicker then your speed, then your clutch either need adjusting, or is stuffed.

    What you described doesn't sound like a clutch problem
  7. out of gear it's fine
    plugs are new
    full tank of fuel and everything.

    was riding along monash fwy, got on at burke road, was fine... after it had maybe warmed up, it just started slowing down (just like when u run out of fuel)... so for the sake of it, switched over to reserve... no change...
    kinda weird

    pull clutch in, revs go up, let clutch out, and it just stumbles down to 5k/rpm.

    could it be oil related?
  8. stupid bike problem is coming at one of the worst times possible! :(
  9. Take it to a mechanic mate. It sounds serious.
    If an engine revs fine without load but then struggles with load, it's typically a serious problem.
  10. It's not performing under load. spark or fuel.
  11. Tell me about it. My GPX is sucking oil. I'm hoping that preliminary tests are proven correct and it's just using the oil.
  12. Agree with the other posters, it's not clutch, it's load. Not an oil issue, it's either fuel or spark.

  13. definately not spark issue

    just changed them... (discovered it's a 25 minute job now)

    fuel is coming out of the tap very much fine

    although it's sounding like it's getting flooded when it tries to get to higher revs...

    (my immediate assumptions were emotional and rushed, therefore misguided, i feel stupid for assuming clutch, of course clutch slipping means it would rev higher, im a doofus)

    but your thoughts guys?
  14. maybe air filter is clogged or something and not getting enough air through?
  15. Um...??? Not sure why you are hoping that your bike is using so much oil. But hey, whatever turns you on.
  16. how do i make my clutch eaqsyier to pull in , someone said put oil in the cables or something , i have no idea! also rego i coming up what the hell do i need to get for it
  17. In this case, it means that it's not doing anything REALLY bad. No leaks, no smoke... there's limited other places it can go, and if that's all it is, it can be fixed by going back to the oil that was in it before.
  18. Lots of rain where you live lately? What about water in the carbie?
  19. Without seeing the problem first hand, it's difficult to be sure but old/faulty leads will produce a similar responce. I'd be suspicious of those rather than the plugs.

    Also, is the bike fitted with a fuel filter? If so, it may be clogged, but if it's consistent (ie doesn't take a few minutes to produce the problem) then I'd go for leads.

    Alternatively, maybe take it to a mechanic. They see that sort of thing everyday and usually have the parts to fix it on hand. :)