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gpx250 clunky gearbox

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lobsta, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. lookin at a gpx, 1995 model, and noticed on the test ride that the gears were a bit clunky changing up and down. the seller said that his mechanic told him that that was standard of those bikes from that year. truth or crap?

  2. Most kawasakis have clucky gearboxes in my experience. My current bike has a very audible clunk on changes and has had since new. It shouldn't be a problem as long as the gears engage and don't slip out on you. You typically need to be firm and definate with your left foot to chage gears cleanly. :)

    If in doubt, get an experienced person to take a quick last look at it for you before handing over the money. :)
  3. my el250 makes a huge clunk going through neutral into 1st or 2nd.
  4. On a learner bike that old I'd be more worried about the clutch.
    If it doesnt jump out of 2nd or 3rd (they dont usually but those gears get the most flogging) the box is ok.
  5. they all are a little 'clunky'. as mentioned make sure it stays in gear and isnt 'too' loud on the change. sloppy changes make them sound bad but a good smooth quick change sounds quiet enough.. first gear is a bit of a waste so you tend to get out of it quick when just cruizing (3K - 4K) and thats quiet down there.. just be positive on the change and all is good. it will teach you good changes to take with you to any other bike.
  6. GPX does have a clunky gearbox. Check out a few of them if you're concerned, but they're all clunky. In fact, most Kwakkas have clunky gearboxes - still quite reliable though.
  7. i just got a gpx250... the gears arent to clunky from what ive noticed (it may be inexperience, ive been riding a week :D ) but first gear we have a problem with, it sometimes stalls (hasnt for me, just the old man) when put in first gear for the first time.
  8. ^^^^^
    check your clutch cable adjustment and let it warm up.