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GPX250 buzzing from junction box during ignition-wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattychops, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Good morning everyone

    The 96 GPX250 hasnt been started in a week.. This morning when I turned on ignition and hit the start button all i heard was a wierd buzzing sound which I later tracked to the junction box which has the ignition fuses and 2 relays. all the fuses are fine, there is no sign of anything burnt out inside the junction box. It is the relay itself that is buzzing during ignition.. the starter motor isnt turning when this is happening, but sometimes the buzzing stops and the starter motor turns the engine over, but not long enough to start the engine. when the starter motor stops turning there is another wierd sound from near the big heatsink with wires running from it (computer??) when all is quiet you can hear the battery bubbling.. There seems to be plenty of charge in the battery as it didnt struggle at all with the starter motor when it WAS turning over.

    I'm thinking it needs the junction box replaced, as the relays are soldered into a PCB and non replaceable. Hopeing the computer isnt fried.

    Anybody else had this or a similar problem?
  2. I did more searching on these forums and excluded the words GPX250 and found some similar results, particularly from CBR250's.

    Perhaps the battery is flat, is it possible to hook it up to a car battery with jumper leads like you would when jump starting a car?

    I'm pretty sure the wierd buzzing sound wasnt the fuel pump as i found the relay to be buzzing.
  3. Ur relay is not getting enought power. This is due to your battery not putting out enough. (this is the most common scenario)

    Either Jump start your bike from a car or whatever.
    Or charge your battery.
    or Clean your battery terminals.
    If your relay has failed u can bypass it by taking of both of the rubber protectors of it and short circuiting it. By sticking a metal screwdriver or simmialr between both terminals. In an emergency this will start your bike sometimes even when u dont have enough battery to do it the normal way (carefull of the sparks thou).
  4. Hi everyone. I just answered my own questions..

    I jump started my bike off a car battery while the car was NOT running.. She's goin good now idling in the driveway. It appears nothing was wrong with the electrics, they were just doing wierd things due to low voltage or something. Isnt physics amazing :)

    Anyway I hope this will help any other newbie with similar problems.
  5. Be warned that sometimes an unexplained dead battery is a sign it could be on its way out.

    So don't go stopping on any lonely back roads in the middle of nowhere - especially if its night, a full moon, and your girlfriend was mysteriously hacked to pieces 3 miles back.
  6. Strange man Bonkers, too many viewings of Saw, Hostel, Wrong Turn and DVD's of that ilk. ;)

    :rofl: :bolt:

  7. Never seen them. I'm more of your dawn/land of the dead zombie movie type guy. :)
  8. Just went for a 220km ride, stopped the bike a couple of times, was all good.. But I do agree a new battery is probably a good idea.