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GPX250, Balius, Or Zeal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by marti_, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Hey peoples,

    I'm going for my Ls on the weekend and hopefully there after I'll be in the market for a 250cc. I've got roughly $4300 to spend on the bike and I was looking at the Kawasaki GPX250, Kawasaki Balius, or Yamaha Zeal.

    From what I've read on the site the GPX is a alright bike to learn with and parts are readily available. I like the look of naked bikes and the Balius and Zeal are within my price range. The Zeal looks pretty cool with the front fairing/wind shield off and the dual exhuast makes the 250 look like a beast...well kinda.

    I was wondering what everyones thought/experiences are on these bikes, or how these bikes fair in comparison.

    Looks like it might be raining on the weekend here in melbourne so my learners couse should be interesting :shock: :LOL: :shock:

  2. GPX250- cheaper, more fun.

    Zeal and Balius are fairly identical, neither of them really special. Zeals look better but more expensive.

    But really, this has been discussed to death- Search
  3. Yeh... I have searched for information on them separately, but I was wondering out of the 3, which bike would people recommend the most, comparatively (this is not in a previous thread).
  4. gpx cheaper yes, but more fun?? capable, user friendly, economic maybe but i wouldn't rate it anywhere near one of the inline 4s for the fun factor. (sorry to all the parallal twin riders out there, but they seem to be the most BORING bikes around :p )

    sit on them and buy the one that feels the best to you. also check out the bandit V (not the early crappy bandit) and the hornet (*might* find one cheap if your lucky). dont limit yourself to a model or two unless you really have...
  5. I ride a GPX250 and find it to be so so good. Easy 2 ride and very reliable.
    Cheap and a good learner.
  6. Next week I'll be going to a few bike shops and checking out what feels comfortable.

    Looking at the specs on the bikes from http://www.motorbikes.be/en/brands.aspx the Zeal had a greater power rating and good low torque (for 250cc land). But then again, I haven't riden any of these bikes and wouldn't know from first hand.
  7. Hey Marti where you doing your L's??? i'm doing mine this weekend as well.

    Good luck with them.
  8. I will go for GPX250.

    It's fun, reliable, cheap, easy to handle, easy to service and ... it's a GPX.
  9. Hey Drew, I'll be doing my L's at Hart Kilsyth. Where abouts are you going?

    Good luck to you to.
  10. i'm doing mine at Ride Tek.

  11. If you can get a Balius to fit in to your budget get it.. It a great bike. Uses the same/similar engine to the ZXR so parts arnt an issue.. Will be a bit quicker than the GPX , marginally quicker than the zeal.. If your after a fuel efficient bike the Balius will be last out of the 3 your mentioned..

    Probably the best advice is to get a cheap GPX and put the rest of the money towards gear, your next bike or further rider training down the track..

  12. Thanks for the advice people.

    TonySV: I was considering that, trying to get something cheaper so I can put money towards something else. A friend of mine also said that further bike training is a must. He said that having the extra training has saved his @$$ a couple times.
  13. <biased> Get the GPX </biased>

    Honestly, I found it great. Like the others have said, it's not the best on power, but you'll really only have it for 18 months or so before you get your Ps and off the restrictions.

    It is cheap to run (I pay ~$15 per tank on the high octane fuel) and being a common bike, and not very different from the ZZR, parts are easy to lay hands on.

    If you do get one, try to get it serviced more often than I have though (twice since I bought her in late March last year) because you really will notice the difference.
  14. I love my Zeal, reasonable fuel economy when your not flogging it, ride it hard and it's thirsty though. Goes hard and is super manouverable. And in my opinion, looks the goods! :cool:
    It also sounds awesome for a 2fiddy. :twisted:

    I tried a GPX when I was buying, but I thought the zeal was much more lively (Got a re-tuned FZR engine in it). And so I chose the bike that I enjoyed riding the most. And ended up with the Zeal. And most of all I manage to get a few heads turning to have a bit of a look at it. :grin:

    Ultimately, buy the one that fits you :) But My vote goes to the Zeal!!!!!
  15. Marti,
    if you are struggling to choose between 2fiddies just wait till its time to upgrade.

    I had a GPX for two years then rode my wife's Zeal for another 18 months before upgrading.

    GPX - dated looks but idiot resistant (coz nothing is truly idiot proof), easy to service yourself if that appeals to you, of the two I thought it the better handler.

    Zeal - love that 4cyl/14000 rmp wail, better looker for my money, low saddle height is good if you are vertically challenged but a PITA for taller folk, I'm around 5ft 9 and felt crumpled up after longer trips, Heidi reckons I looked like Magilla Gorilla riding down the road.

    Try them all on, you'll probably develop a feel for what fits your body best, all are good reliable units.
  16. You might want to add the Suzuki Bandit to your list. I just bought a 2000 (aussie) model, with 11,500kms and 12 months rego for $4500. And the bandit has some nice power (for a 250).
  17. i started riding a balius - i found it really easy to ride and plenty of zip. Learnt how to wheelie on that thing. I think its the best looking 250 out there as well.

  18. lol!!!
  19. Mothra:
    "if you are struggling to choose between 2fiddies just wait till its time to upgrade"

    hahaha yeh, when i'm in the 600 market i'll be in real trouble :LOL:

    after the week end I can call around about some of the bikes i've had my eye on. will still have to go and sit on a few bikes to see what suits before i make up my mind.
  20. I bought a Zeal (obviously), and while I think I got a good deal ($4200 for 14,000km), I didn't really have much choice. My criteria was any good condition second hand naked 250, when there was almost nothing on the market here.
    I wasn't that concerned because I figured I could easily sell whatever I bought and pick something more suitable once I had more experience - even if it was another 250. Because really, I had very little idea what would make for my ideal bike without ever having ridden one before!

    As it turns out (with my tiny tiny amount of experience) I think I was very fortunate to score this bike. It's comfy (I'm average height but skinny), and looks great - at first I wasn't sure about the plastic around the instruments and headlamps (is that "bikini" fairing?), but it's grown on me, and I've had a couple of compliments on the bike already :)
    ('course, other riders are probably just friendly, but it makes me happy anyway :grin:)

    My other local option, coincidentally, was a Balius from a dealer (so it was much more expensive than the privately sold Zeal), but it had higher kms, looked like it hadn't been kept as well (aesthetically), and I'm fairly sure it was a grey import. Looked and felt pretty similar to sit on, though I never rode it.

    So... er... I guess that wasn't actually that useful to you :p But I'm happy, even if it's only because I don't know any better!