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GPX250 and GPX250R any difference?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by firthy, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Hi guys, hope this is in the right forum...
    Anyway as Im looking at a L bike, is there and difference between these as bikepoint.com.au lists both?
    If so any links to relevant info on the model differences would be appreciated as I want to make sure for insurance purposes etc before deciding on model.
    Ive searched but only found that the GPX250R is the Ninja 250 I think in the US.



  2. AFAIK there's an imported GPX and a locally delivered GPX.
    The locally delivered one only ever had one front brake rotor, and was known internationally as the GPX 250 (non-R).
    The GPX 250R had twin front rotors... and possibly a few other minor changes.

    Take all this info with a grain of salt though; this is just what i recall when i was looking around at beaten up GPX's for a first ride.
  3. Lordtb the first bike you have a link to is a Kawasaki GPZ250

    The GPZ is the bike that later became the
    GPX this is shown by the fact you have to by the GPZ250 service manual then the GPX250 suppliment after that.

    The GPX250 and GPX250R are the same thing just depends who you ask. my old bike was a 1990 GPX250R F4 i belive but i would just say i owned a GPX250 if asked.

    And yes there is a local (single front disc) and import (dual disc) but the import is few and far between. I have not seen any of these for sale in aust for ages, i think import restrictions on motor vechicles that were locally delivered would have an impact on there numbers as the GPX is still for sale new today.

    Sorry for the history lessonm but if anything is wrong please tell me so i can fox it.
  4. Hey Sanz, you bike shopping yet, give us a progress report, please!!!!???
  5. Cool, thanks for the replies
  6. It's really very simple...

    The GPX250 is the original version... and the GPX250R is the pirated version.

    arrrrhh matey... now ya sees....

    *runs away quickly*
  7. yup, all good, cept i dont think you had an F4i GPX, thats the CBR600F4i that your thinking of there :wink:
  8. The GPX's official designation is the EX250, and they had varioous model variations over the years. The F4 was one of those variations.

    Just like the CBR600 went through the F1 to F4, and then the F4i (the i indicating injected).
  9. sooooooooooo there was an injected GPX? i'd think not :LOL:

    i knew about the EX thing, but not the F# thing, learn something new every day :D the only thing i'd be wondering is WHY they'd bother slapping an F# on it, all they've changed in 16 years is the paint, indicators and tail light :shock:

    edit: just looked again and they didn't say F4i..... :oops:
  10. http://www.redbook.com.au/mcycle/valuations3.asp?make=KAWA&family=GPX250R

    After 1996 most changes were colour schemes and prices. Before that though there were mechanical/design tweaks here and there.
  11. aaaarrr you beats me to it, me matey!
  12. GPZ250??? I thought they had a different engine, (same as Z250) different frame and looked different...oh and belt driven too...

    I would have posted a link but there are no good pics of
  13. Wasn't there a Jap 2-stroke model.... was that the GPZ?