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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by manrig, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Kawasaki GPX250, Kawasaki ZZR250 or Yamaha FZR250


  2. FZR.

    The others are slow and boring.
  3. Its a 250. They are basically all slow. Get a bike you can live with for your probation period, whatever that may be.

    Then go and buy a real bike :)
  4. ZZR Fantastic bike
  5. FZR every time.

    I'm biased though, i've got a fzr600 and fzr1000.

    So I don't count.....
  6. Will a FZR250 be too small do you think?
    I'm 6"4,
  7. I had two gpx's.... they are a great bike, plenty of fun for a learner just don't drop it as fairings are scarce and expensive. Being slightly larger maybe consider a larger LAMS bike?? GS500 or CB400??
  8. The damage on both those bikes aren't patato chips
    I'm looking to spend $4k at most.

    Hyosung GT250R looks neat.

  9. Get a naked 250cc until you are fully licensed. You can drop it and have less damage to pay for, like fairings etc.
  10. Well at least it "looks neat".

    Just get a gpx or zzr and be done with it. There's no parts for fzrs, they are old, plenty will have been thrashed by learners who fancy themselves a bit of a rossi. I dare say the fzr will be too small for you, but the gpx and zzrs wont be a great deal better. Just a more roomy riding position on them.

    Buy a fzr if you want to be different, but I wouldn't buy one for price, reliability or acceleration. A newer gpx/zzr will go just as hard as a tired fzr. They're all 250s after all.

    Good luck.
  11. im 6ft and the Hyosung 250R was the best fit!... full size bike!.. loving mine!
  12. gpx. bulletproof and falling over is a hell of lot more fun. You wont care about taking it up the odd dirt trail, etc.
  13. dont get a hyosung :p

    i have a gpx and cant complain. sent it down the road once, fixed fairing up, new handlebar, all was well. has decent amounts of go (not that ive ridden many bikes :LOL: ) and is definately a good bike.

    get a 250, learn on it, stack it if need be :p and then, as im trying to do, ride the tits of it before you upgrade ;)
  14. GPX or ZZR - go for twin rather than 4 - will be easier to live with. The bigger Fazers are fine, but you'll get fed up with revving the tits of a FZR250 just to get ANY go forward.

    I had a GPX, loved it. They kept selling them new until last year, so still plenty of parts available (the bigger fairing bits are harder to get from a wrecker, but they're around.)

    Don't get a hyo - more trouble than they're worth. Even if you go new and get a warranty you'll have the bike at the shop more than on the road.

    My 2c
  15. Yes
  16. Out of the ones you listed, I'd go for a ZZR since its probably the best fit for your height. The GPX has an upright seating position and the ZZR has a slightly leaning forward position.

    Don't get a Hyo? There's a lot of bad stories going around about them so its a bigger risk than getting a second hand Jap bike. They're bigger than the Jap bikes which adds comfort. Mine is doing ok (hasn't been to the shop to be fixed :eek:) but I'll be trading it in with 6 months warranty left on it when my restrictions expire. My verdict for now: for the money, not bad but I still wish I didn't let the ex convince me to get one (would have preferred a used VTR for $6k instead).

    I know two-fiddies have nothing but the lower hp and bit more weight on the Hyo (compared to the ones you listed) means that its got nothing even when the throttle is on the stop. I'm 6' and 73 kg so my weight isn't exactly an issue. At least a VTR gives you something more after 7,000 rpm and has 20% more ponies.... and better brakes.... and better tyres.... and better build quality and..... The GT250 pulls about the same at 4,000 rpm as it does at 9,000 rpm when on the stop. I don't know how a ZZR or FZR rides but have experienced what its like to sit on a GPX and ZZR.

    Look at a ZZR first.
  17. I'm biased get a zzr. Great bikes. It is just a great all rounder. Best bike on a budget in my opinion.

    I'm selling my 04 in about a month from now 18000km. ...i'll be sad to see it go?...*sigh*
  18. i'm the same height as you and couriered on one about 10 years ago. it is too small but you can make do.