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GPX vs kangaroo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Devilcv8, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. 5.20am today I received a phone call "I've hit a kangaroo". 2 hours later I arrive in Bega (from Canberra) to find my son with a sprained right ankle, and the GPX250 with a piece of fairing under the headlight missing (can't see it unless you look for it) and the alloy frame that the rear brake and footpeg are bolted to, snapped in half... Son managed to keep the bike up and not drop it, kangaroo killed instantly, with an impact speed around 80km/h (100kmh road) and the only one who stopped was his work colleague. Other cars and even another motorcyclist just sailed on by.

    I'm just gratefull that he is ok, except for the ankle, as it could have been much worse.

    Anyone have an idea of how much that alloy piece is worth?? pics later
  2. Ouch. Glad he's ok. Probably 100-200?
  3. I'm not going to bother with insurance. the towie is only $150, so if the cost is under the excess, + age excess then I'll just pay for it...... and he can pay me back...
  4. He KILLED a kangaroo AND kept the bike upright??? :shock:


    He's either awesome or played a Jesus card.
  5. yep, looks like the head went in below the headlight, and the body whipped around and hit his right ankle, breaking the alloy on the bike....... speed around 80 (he is a learner) +-15km/h and on a light left hand bend...
  6. God-mode.
  7. don't worry, I thought the worst until I got to him. needless to say, I'm glad the hwp don't play too early in these here parts....
  8. Yeah those Kangas can do some damage, round my joint there everywhere at dawn and dusk, always got the eyes on the sides of the road.
    Riding today around the Cotter Rd, coming around a corner, full lean. Four wallabies come bounding out onto the corner, the closest one being about half metre away, stay focused and twist the throttle on. Got away clean, with my heart in my mouth and a loud cursing as i came away from the corner exit.
    Five seconds difference and i could have been doing the horizontal mumba across the road :wink:
  9. Must have been his day to be watched over. Glad he got thru thru it so well.
  10. bega you say? kangaroo you say?

    wot road mate? i frequent that area :)
  11. approx 13km south of Bega on the highway, lefthand bend (southbound)just before the turnoff to frogs hollow airstrip/kart track. very close to a fatal cage crash a few weeks back
  12. lol, that brings back memories :)
  13. if the cost is any thing like the cost it was on my firestrom you will get a very pleasant surprise, i snapped mine and it was only $77.something to replace with a near one, i take it you are talking about the foot peg hanger???

  14. lol wedge thats coz i wasnt there to scare them off with my pipes
  15. That would explain the long faces when we passed you on the mountain around midday. I was wondering why the bike was in the back going up the Brown.
    What was he doing out and about at that time of the morning? I didn’t think that teenagers got out of bed before 10.30, and that’s early!
    Glad your son is ok. A work mate of mine hit one just north of the Brogo speed camera before Christmas and broke both wrists. He is just back to work now but only for four hours every second day.
  16. Good to hear your boy is O.K..
    Hope his bike gets better soon :cry: .
  17. Very lucky boy. glad to hear he is OK.
  18. Do you mean to say some bikers went past without stopping to help !!!!
    What the flock is this world coming to when bikers go past a brother in need. :evil:
  19. Gods must have been smiling on him. Glad to hear his ok.