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GPX using oil??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Glennb, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Is it normal for a bike or just my GPX to use/burn up oil. I have noticed the oil light come up lately when braking hardish at an intersection and braking normal going down a hill.
    I checked the oil through that little see through bit and I am just able to see it.
    The oil should sit half way on that see through bit, is that right??
    Also what oil do I use to top it up. Car oil OK??

  2. Under heavy brakiing the oil light will come on (was practicing emergency braking today and noticed it myself, then checked into it and it's normal).

  3. It's not normal for any engine to use oil (aside from 2-strokes) but is inevitiable on high mileage engines - parts wear and oil gets into the combustion chamber. The oil sight window on the bike should have two marks indicating low and high levels - as long as the oil level is between these when the engine is warm and the bike is level you should be fine. Car oil is OK but not ideal, since the same oil is also being used in the clutch it's probably a good idea to use something specifically designed for bikes (stores like Supercheap do stock bike oil however). Also some brands/types of oil do not like being mixed together, if you don't know what's already in the bike then now is probably a good time for an oil change (easy to do yourself).
  4. Thanks sir_b,
    What about the oil level guage, should the oil sit half way?
  5. I'm sure what jd is saying is spot on, but let me check my bike with a torch. Let you know in a couple of minutes.

  6. thanks jd.
    I should change all the oil as I dont know the service history.
  7. Glenn: Ok, with the bike warm, put it on the centrestand, turn it off, and leave it for a few minutes. The oil should be 1/2 way up the viewing window.

  8. Cheers sir_b, When I cheecked it last I had just finished riding but not let it sit and all the oil may not have settled.
    cheers again
  9. The GPX is known to burn a little oil past 10,000 RPM.

    The oil should be 3/4 up the window. It shouldnt take more than 5 minutes to all drain down when warm.
    If you look on the sides of the circle window theres 2 little markers at 1/4 and 3/4, your supposed to keep it between them.

    Ive never had my oil light come on when hard braking, though it is possible.

    I suggest you drain and change the oil asap, replace the filter to. I change mine every 3000km (filter every second time). Dont top it up, you dont know if the 2 oils will confilct with each other.

    Ive been using valvoline car oil for the last 30,000km and my bikes still running the same as when I first got it. I dont think theres any need for the fancy bike oils in that engine.

    GPX250 site.
  10. If the bike's using oil, I'd recomend filling closer to the full level to give you some space when it burns. I always fill to full. Just cause it's got enough oil doesn't mean you shouldn't fill it. Just as long as you don't over fill. If it's only 1/2 way between full and low, the oil light may be comming on becouse it's too low under brakes. A bit more oil would be the solution. It is afterall, never good to see that light.

    The only way you can loose oil is if it leaks, either through a gasket, fractured metal or past the rings into the cylinder. Is it burning or falling on the ground? I always find these thing are never like a sore thumb. If you leave it alone, it won't get better. If it falls on the ground then you need to fix it fairly quickly. If it's simply burning away, then you need to ask yourself if it's worth paying for a reco, or is it minor enough that someone will still want it when you get off restrictions.
  11. do an oil change as the oil could have gone off. If oil is over used so to speak it will just deteriorate and burn up. also try using an additive.
  12. Thanks guys. I have topped it up for now but I think I will drain the oil fully when I get a chance to.
    Is the drain plug the bolt on the left side under the bike??
    If what you say is true jmuzz, I spend a bit of time above 10,000 rpm so it might be why.
    It ended up using 550ml in about 4000km which I think is quite a bit considering it only takes 1.9 ltrs.
  13. I had a GPX a long time ago (I assume we are talking about the twofiddy).. The light didnt come on unless I was braking hard or going down a steep hill and braking... (or I was low on oil)....

    Your bike WILL burn a bit of oil, mine did... not an awfull lot, but every 3 months or so I would have to add a little bit...
  14. Yeah bolt underneath (generally covered in oil :p ) is oil drian plug.

    Remember if you drain and top up oil only put about 1.4L in as the filter can holds about half a L. Put 1.9 in if you change the filter too...

    My Gippie burns a bit of oil, i just check it every week or so and top up as needed... I figure on a 15 y/o 250 thats covered 100 thou that can't be too bad...
  15. My oil light has never come on (except when I start up the bike) dispite being low on oil (or in one case, pretty much empty.)
    Would this be a loose connection somewhere, easily fixed or no so much?
  16. Does anyone know if the gpx's oil light triggers on open or closed circuit?