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GPX streetfihter project (Its alive again)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. After finding out my only mode of transport is missing this morning ive started on my GPX street fighter project.

    Bought bennies old gpx for 400$ plus $150 for van hire to get it home

    The aim for this project is to get a unique commuter on a budget and not loose money on resale after parts as i will be upgrading in a few months. But i need this to get me through as it is my only transport


    After some difficulty getting fuel flowing to what i now call the bad cyclinder (right one) it started up with the help of alot of ether.

    Now my current problem is i get white smoke comming from my bad cylinder and it constatnly wanting to die and generaly the bad cylinder not working all the time.FIXED CARB STRIP AND CLEAN


    fork seals
    front tyre
    front break fluide change
    gearbox crackshaft teeth recut to hold sproket washer properly

    modify exhust to shorty cans +debaffle
    butcher/remover passanger seat and cowl
    Replace air box fir performance car pod filter
    raise carb needles
    bigger jets


    -repalced gearbox seal ($10 team moto granvile)
    -repaired front mud guard,hot weld+filler+sand ($10)
    -cleaned carbs, lube float valves
    -smoke cleared up dont know y(probaly just residual)
    -compression only 100psi not good. But bike only has 30,000ks so im hoping it is valves which i can adjust easily
    -attached blinkers ($20 set)
    -hooked up street fighter front lights ($75 for front end)
    -patched fuel tank leaks ($10 liquid putty)
    -mounted insturments on front using the the front brackets fromt the light and some home made mounts


    -had to install chain gaurd+rear pegs+front rubber
  2. White/whitish smoke is oil. A comp test may reveal some issues in that pot.
    Interesting project. Post some pix when you can.

    EDIT: http://www.repairmanualclub.com/kawasaki_manuals Looks like you will need to register to download but could be worth the effort. :)
  3. Yes but white can also mean water vapor. If it has an oily smell and is a bit blue tinged it would be oil.

    Good luck with your project, I can't wait to see the GPX streetfigher
  4. Well it's amazing what you find on the net. It looks like NR's very own tenoq has or at least had a .pdf manual for your bike.
    Give tenoq a PM and see if you can do a deal.

    How many tenoq's can there be?

    http://home.swiftdsl.com.au/~tenoq/GPX250Manual.pdf (link dont work)
  5. I've got the service manual supplement, which is about 250 pages of excellence and has all the exploded engine diagrams, I'm pretty sure this is what Tenoq has as well. Is that what you're after, as I notice in your post that it's the actual base manual you want.


  6. Im guessing he wants the GPZ250 manual (if you read the supp manual, it will refer to it as a part number) Try buying it with the part number.
  7. Updated check first post
  8. Is that an Acerbis headlight? I'd like to see more pics of your bike, I've thought about doing something similar with my mine.
  9. I got the headlight with one mount broken off from metro wreckers in sydney. I think the normal price is more

    Headlight has been repacked a few times.
    Universal eagle headlight HEA-UO1
    FLY racing 360-10036

    will post vids and pics but all i got atm is a few thou with of power tools but only one shitty little phone camera
  10. ,,,,,,,,,,
  11. Sweet as! good to see someone elso modding a 250 properly. take the bull by the horns dude! maybe drop the motor out, have the frame powdercoated, spray the engine with VHT high temp paint and do a proper job. best and easiest way to do this sort of proj is work on eack indevidual part, ie pull down completely, intead of workin around everything. would love to see more pics... BTW, when u say scrap the pillion seat, are you converting to single seat/shorter subframe, or just custom cowl? maybe checkout my garage, and www.bladerod.com for inspiration. this is what i hope mine to look like.
  12. cool nice site

    i think custom cowl would be the best option as the gpx does not have a removable subframe and i always end up pillioning someone

    High temp paint probaly. Does anyone know what metal exactly the gpx motor is made of. i Might consider home anodising the motor side covers.
    I have used high temp paint but am never happy with the results

    As far as the frame goes if i do strip it down i will respray it in 2pack myself as im not planin on keepin this bike for a long time.

    Next step is passing blue slip with that funly front end
  13. you wont pass with that light... see if u can borrow somethin from the wreckers. throw a six pack their way. goes down a treat
  14. i have the original. But i quite frankly have no repect for the inteligence of car mechanics. So if it doesnt pass its a few hours of me soldering and unsoldering leads.
  15. Apologies about the link guys - had to take it down due for copyright reasons. :roll: :roll:

    It is the supplement manual anyway, but it does have nearly all you'll need for servicing stuff. Rebuilding? Not so sure - but it'll certainly help. I can probably still get it to people, somehow. :twisted:
  16. That light looks mad :twisted:
  17. now roadworthy woot, update first post a bit.
    next step properly sucure instruments panel as it is bouncing all ova the place then oil change filter change clearances then start on the air box mods.
  18. sweet as, good to hear you got it RW... going for pod filters, yeah?
  19. yeah a 30$ car pod filter. As the air box doesnt hook up into the carbs good. its almost like its too short and holds in shit. I get a nice sucktion sound while riding but i know its destroying my rings. so going down to clarcke rubber and try and find something that i can heat and mould to make a addapter between carbs/pod filter
  20. so if ive got a good seal with pods, it that ok for my bike? i recently found one of the connecting tubes had snapped, no air being filtered at all... do i need to oil them too?