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GPX stalling from N to 1st with clutch in after its started

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Glennb, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Can any one tell me why my bike is trying to engage 1st when I still have the cluch in. But it is not all the time either. It happen after it gets started, but occasionally when Its warm too. But its fine when riding, if I stop at the lights and put it in neutral then to 1st gear to take off, its ok.
    any ideas

  2. How much free play do you have in the clutch cable? (assuming it's not hydraulic, I'm unfamiiar with the GPX250)
  3. You may have a faulty side stand switch that thinks the side stand is down therefore switching the engine off?

    It wont have a hydrolic crutch, there may be a need to adjust your crutch cable.

    I'd say it would be one of those 2 issues.

    Hope that helps
  4. Have you recently changed the oil to something you don't normally use or topped it up with a different type?? As far as i'm aware certain oils (especially some semi synth) can cause the clutch plates to grab as they don't like it. But to be honest i really dont know, that would be my first guess.
  5. The first one is a possibility but only if the engine was cutting out when trying to take off. From what i gathered it was stalling when he was changing it down from N to 1st gear and just starting the bike. Therefore it's not a faulty switch as you would have to be taking off/letting the clutch out for the engine to cut.
  6. It actually engages first though, I get thrown forward and stalls, so I wouldnt think its the kick stand. If its the cable why is it only happening after its started?? and not while riding when I stop at lights and stuff.
  7. Do you mean it only happens AS you start it, and ONLY as you start it? ie no problem at all between starts?
  8. this bike has a "wet" clutch... meaning that the engine oil also gets used for the clutch...

    I would recommend calling a kwaka dealer and asking them what possible causes could be...
  9. I start the bike in N no worries then I pull the clutch in and its when I go to put it into first gear I get thrown forward and stalls. But after that its fine. its usually when its cold too but does it occasionally when warm too.
  10. Even with the clutch disengaged, whilst cold it will lurch forward when going from Neutral to 1st Gear - sounds to me like sticking clutch plates. Would also explain why once the plates have separated from riding for a little while and the oil has warmed up, you get less problems.

    Had an oil change recently?
  11. This is a know problem with certain Kawasaki's... mostly earlier ones... but the GPX250 is an earlier design (even if yours is a late model).
  12. My bike (93 ZZR, therefore same engine) does similar things to the problem described but it certainly doesn't stall. Do you know exactly what the problem is??
  13. Yup, I agree. With a wet clutch, an oil change and a good thrash have been known to sort it out. If not, then friction plates or thrust-bearing are a possibility.
  14. Might be worth asking at the Kwaka forums too, www.ksrc-au.com. Bugger all to lose I reckon.
  15. So does the other halfs GPX250. It's related to dragging clutch plates as stated by other posters.

    For some reason certain Kawasaki models are more prone to this happening than most other bikes.

    For some people changing the type of oil helps... you could try a 5W-50 instead of a 15W-50 for example.
  16. I did top the oil up a couple of weeks ago, but I know I should of drained all the oil. Maybe this could be the problem with the 2 different oils mixing?ooops
  17. Full oil & filter change and a good thrash should sort it.
    Otherwise, as previously stated... might need the clutch plates inspected and/or replaced... but i doubt given it's sticking not slipping.
  18. Think I will do that tomorrow. Does anyone know where the oil filter is located?
  19. The procedure is explained on page 50 of the other halfs GPX250R (2003 model) manual. You will want to remove the fairing lower for easy access.

    Watm the engine well before draining the oil and then make sure the O-Ring is reseated properly when putting it all back together. It helps to oil the edge of the o ring with a little fresh oil for a good seal.
  20. hey iv got a 2000 model gpx250 too

    how long do you hold the clutch before you click into gear?

    if you hold it in for like one second when the bike is first started after a long time of sitting, say over night or after work etc it will jump alot and it has stalled for me before if the idle is very low because it is cold.

    try holding the clutch while in while in neutral for like ten/fifteen seconds then try clicking into 1st see if that helps it works for me