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GPX Rear lighting - legal question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Manny, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Hey hey..I was wondering if my "super awesome mega plan of Doom and Chaos" is legal.

    here is a link of what other GPX's asses look like

    3 red lights on the back, and 2 orange turn signals on the fender.

    Well mine looks a tad different - there are 4 orange lights, and one red light.
    That is to say, on the ass, the two lights on either side of the red one are orange. At the moment there are bulbs in there, but they have been disconnected.
    Now for my 'SAMP of Doom and Chaos' - I want to remove the fender, and get rid of the two lower orange turn signals that are attached to it. This would leave me with the three lights on the ass. Orange, Red, Orange.
    I then wanna wire up the orange lights as my new turn signals. Now what I need to know is if it's legal to have the turn signals so close to the brake light. I mean that sure is a hell of a lot of action happeneing in the ass of the bike. are there any laws against so much ass action on a 250?

    I sure said ass a lot in that post.

    too much etch primer (yep I'm at it again : ( )
  2. I'm almost certain the indicators have to be X-distance apart and right next to the brake light isn't going to be far enough I would think.
  3. Hard to say nowadays.

    Bikes like Honda VFRs & the new Aprilla RSVs have pretty close rear indicators.
  4. 30cm minimum distance between the inner edges of the indicators. My modified seat was refused a roadworthy until I spaced them a bit further apart.

    You'd have to strike a pretty picky cop to get done for it, but, having said that, a mate got a stern warning (and almost a ticket) for not having the little red reflector below his number plate.
  5. I wouldn't say that's that picky - if the bike is parked parallel to the road, it'd be a lot more difficult to spot at speed at night without the rear reflector.
  6. i know guys that ride around with mods like that without any hassles. if you REALLY want it to look like that (personally wouldn't do it) then the worst that'll happen is you'll have to slap the indicators back on and get a roady again. once done, take the fekkers back off and continue on your merry way. of the few ppls i know with similar mods, none have been picked up on it. i reckon you'd have to get a biker/ex biker on a bad hair day to pick you up for something like that on a GPX, them lights is massive.....
  7. Were drifting off topic, but a cop who pulls you over because you're missing a matchbox sized reflector has too little work to occupy his/her time. We need more cops on the streets, adopting a zero-tolerance attitude to flagrant reflector scofflaws who emperil law-abiding citizens with their reflectorless antics. :wink:
  8. Im pretty keen on getting rid of them.. I think I'll just risk it.. I heard that mods like that add like 50kw

    Now I need some 300kw Type R Decals.....

    Rofl. Too true chairman =p
  9. My bike never had a reflector under the plate....its over it so I think the cop did not know what he was on about unless every cbr 600f2 is not legal
  10. looks good bolox!

    does yours have flush mounted ones on the front?
  11. Another question - This time about the Chain Guard. It's a hella ugmo piece of shit....... is it cool just to take em off? or is there a lot of mess and a lot of being fined involved?
  12. No not yet...

    im saving up for rego thats comming up soonish... so no more (or only really really cheap stuff) for now.
  13. I think you'll find its part of the ADR to have a chain guard of some sort on there. I'd be wanting to have the chain guard on just to stop oil, lube & crap from flinging off the chain and all up my leg.
  14. Just remember that an unroadworthy vehicle means that your in-sewer-ants company have something that they may be able to use to weasle their way out of paying a claim should the need arise.