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gpx rear bearing cracked,

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by yeremiah, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Was riding fine, then heard a clicking sound, ajusted wheel proprer torque. Still there took it apart found bearing was cracked. Need to know what caused it? And how to put everything back together.

  2. New comers are expected to introduce themselves first around here first, before posting.

    Need a bit more information. Which bearing is cracked? Is it cracked on inner or outer race, or the bearing cage? What is condition of other bearings? Are all the spacers still there? Is it a GPX 250, 600, 750?
  3. Get yourself a copy of the workshop manual. It will help you with this and a lot more. As for what caused it, hard to say. Hard impact/poor quality bearings/incompetent installation ... could be any of several things. A cracked bearing is something you need to address right away though.
  4. It may be the expectation but it isn't compulsory.
  5. I didn't introduce myself & was given a hard time about it. Just trying to warn the guy.
  6. So it is a gpx 250 88 model, the inner bearing is gone. And i know they usuallywear but not crack, could it be a missing spacer chain to tight? Also cheers for the heads up on intro myself however you do that
  7. any evidence of heat damage to the race? evidence of rust?
    any grease left in there?
    take a pic of the crack, interested to see it. should be able to tell if it is manufacturing defect or whatever

    they are cheap, easy to change, and easy to periodically grease :)
  8. No problemo mate, its changed a bit since you joined. Personally Im all in favour of an introductory post but it isnt compulsory as I said.
  9. By inner bearing, do you mean the one in the wheel after you pull the sprocket carrier off?

    Yes, missing spacers will destroy bearings, but old bearings can also break if you continue to ride the bike when the bearings are worn.
  10. thankx for the helps guys, downloaded the work shop manual realized there is a missing spacer. I got one off another gpx and just need to install with the new bearing. and the bearing was missing a decent size chunk out of it. Still rode it home very slowly Haha thanks for helping a rookie mechanic.
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