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GPX problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jack47, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. I tried to start my GPX today, after 2 days without using it and it wont start. When I pressed the starter button it just made a clicking sound. At first I thought it was the battery or starter motor, but I checked them and I think they're ok. Then I realised that if I put it into 1st then held the clutch in, the bike was really hard to push (not as hard as if its fully in gear though). I can still move it around in neutral though. Any idea's what the problem could be?

  2. Flat Battery. The clicking is your starter trying to turn over but can't. Put it in neutral, make sure the ignition and kill switch are on, run like buggery, swing a leg over, pull in clutch, click into second dump clutch......then when it kicks over, pull in the clutch and give it some revs.

    Then when you get back home put your battery on to charge.......or if it is Cactus and can't hold a charge then buy a new one.
  3. If it is a flat battery, why has it suddenly become so hard to push the bike around when its in gear and I have the clutch in?
  4. How often have you tried this in the past and has it been when the bike is already warmed up??? Nearly all bikes are harder to push around when they are in gear as opposed to neutral. I believe it is something to do with the clutch still providing slight resistance because of the wet clutch set up on a bike. All i know is that it is normal for the ex250 engine (ZZR, GPX etc.) to be harder to push in gear as opposed neutral. This is also why i told you to push start it in neutral and not by holding the clutch in (easier for you to pick up speed).

    The clicking sound is electronic. I believe it comes from the relay trying to turn over the starting but not having the juice to do so. Have you tried turning the ignition on, hitting the starter so the lights come on and then trying the highbeam or blinkers??? Do the dash lights dim/fade at all??? If so then it is your battery.

    The same thing has happened to me twice with my bike and it was a flat battery both times.
  5. if there was something wrong with the motor (as you seem to think) that is stopping the thing from kicking over then if you hold the starter button down and the starter motor and battery are working ok then it should to start to smoke after a bit... BUT if its just ticking and nothing more...it sounds like starter motor or as N1GH7-R1D3R said...your battery

    PS im no mechanic so take my advice with a grain of salt
  6. GPX's have a classic clutch plate sticking when cold "feature", even with the clutch lever pulled in... I used to have to start mine with the front brake on if I wanted to start it in gear and clutched...

    Definitely sounds like a battery with crusty terminals or quite low in oomph.


  7. after rolling the bike around abit, i tried starting it again and it started :). Quite strange, thanks for the help guys!
  8. Hmm that is a little weird. Maybe it was a stuck solenoid and moving it around freed it up, possibly???
  9. It's bad battery teminal connections. Moving it around just made the connection better.

    There is enough of a connection to operated the solenoid (hence the clicking), but not enough for the full current draw of the starter motor.

    Undo the terminals and give them a good clean.

    And yeah it will be harder to push in gear when cold.
  10. I have experianced the exact same issues as you.

    Clutch problem is the same when engine is cold and in gear with the clutch pulled in, its nice to know now that its nothing "wrong", i'll live with it.

    With the battery i got the same too and im sorta baffled. Its like you said ive left it for a few days and then it just wont start but makes the clicking sound. To solve it i have to push start it (put in neutral, push it til i get some speed, slam in gear and release clutch while pressing start) I'm 99% sure its not the battery terminals, and it almost seems as though its the battery lacking the "oomph" to kick the engine over. I dont know the technical reason for it. If i was 100% sure it was the battery it would be sweet, because knowing the cause of the problem is half the issue. But im wondering if its the alternator? or starter? or other sort of connection on the electrical system. Come to think of it it probably is the battery, cos at one stage i was having problems with it. Once i get it started by push starting and after travelling 30kms to uni i have been able to leave it there for 6 or 7 hours and then it will start with no dramas! and if ive ridden one day it usually starts no prolems the next day (touch wood) so i'm assuming that this pretty much points to the battery? (lately i've been riding with no lights on either, hoping that that will put less stress/strain/drain on the battery/electrical system)

    If the case is the battery what can be done to solve it? Can i service it in any way? or does it have to be replaced? If i have to replace it are there types of batteries that have more 'power' or "oomph" (not sure if its current,voltage or amps or whatever that i need more of)
    Im glad i came across this thread!!
    And thanks HEAPS to all those knowledgeable people who are helping and contributing!! Very much appreciated! (nothing worse than needing to go to an exam and the bike wont start!)
  11. Not unusual. Pushing it around loosened up the wet clutch a bit, so it didn't create an initially high resistance against the starter motor. When you hit the starter, it was able to overcome the initial resistance, turn over, and hence start the engine.

    The clicking could be the solenoid activating, or could be the starter motor trying to turn over. Depends on the bike (not familier with yours) but it could also be the starter motor drive gear trying to engage, as happens in a car starter motor, where the drive gear is thrown forward by the starter motor activation to engage with the ring gear. My bike just has a niffty little starter clutch, so no drive gear clunk.

    You still have the problem. Yes, it could be dirty terminals, but more likely it is a battery on the way out. Dirty terminals or bad connections usually show up when a battery is on its last legs. You can get some life out of the battery for a while by cleaning them up, but the battery is still gunna die soon.

    Test the voltage on the battery after a ride has charged it up. Disconnect one terminal for testing. The voltage should read between 11.89V (fully discharged) and 12.65V (fully charged). The voltage would be lower if both terminals are still connected. Basically you may see as low as 10.5V on a fully discharged battery with both terminals connected. The fully charged voltage while connected depends on the power being drawn while the bike is sitting there. Some power is always being drawn.

    Bottom line: New battery time, now or soon.
  12. The anzwer for your question is pretty silly but it does work , tip your bike on its side a little then start it in neutral , works for me