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gpx muzzy exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Fishy321, May 15, 2007.

  1. hey i have a 07 gpx im looking for part # 1014-00173
    2001-2007 EX-250 Stainless exhaust system w/oval carbon fiber canister

    i know theres not much point getting it but im gonna anyway :p. anyone know where is a good place to look for them in australia or somewhere to order them here.

  2. dude dont waste ur cash
    just shorty can it.
    Ill post picks when mine is done
  3. What do you mean? Whats shorty can it?
  4. basicly u get a mate thats a boilmaker
    cuts of the tip
    cuts the can in half
    takes out all that unnessaary foam baffle inside the can
    then welds the the tip u cut of earlier into the middle of the can and throw the outer most bit out

    then u got a can that lets more air out, is louder, sometimes looks better
    u loose some power in the bottom part of ur revs and
    may get get defected (too loud) in which case u can refill it with fiberglass foam or similar to make it qiuter(but that is not an issue on a little GPX)
  5. Ebay is your friend...try this:


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  7. Who scored studentofinsanity's (Lyndy) gpx? I know she had some cans on.
  8. I bet the price on that 2brothers can made him grab the hacksaw out.... And just leave the stinkin pipe alone, It aint a fighter and it aint got the power to warrant a 500 dollar pipe. And when ya sell it, u will need a new pipe for roady. A 250 is a buy it ride it,sell it.Or hack the end off, hell i dont care. it aint mine. LOL
  9. So has anyone installed a muzzy on their GPX?
    I'm pretty happy with my GPX and probably won't be upgrading anytime soon, so I've been thinking of putting on an aftermarket exhaust.

    Are there any other 2-1 exhausts on the market? I'm not too keen on slip-ons, because I want to tidy up the back a bit.
  10. The image isn't working