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GPX manual

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jack47, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. yes, i know there are loads of threads about this already, but they all give the following link... which isn't working for me


    does anyone have a copy of this?

  2. Yes but its only the service manual supplement and is quite useless for most things to anyone who already has mechanical knoweldge... I've been looking for the base manual for-ever and ever to no avail...
  3. Hi Jack, get yourself over to BCF http://www.bikechatforums.com and join up. Same deal as here, not cost etc.

    Then check out the workshop section and look for the post "Links to the manufacturers bike's user manuals" There is a gpx one in there. It's pretty large. I downloaded it myself when I had one. Something like 28 meg i think.

    If you don't manage to locate it let me know and I can stick it on a cd and post it down to you if ya like
  4. I am also after one. Both the manual and supplement are available at www.manualclub.com but the manual is corrupted and not viewable :(
  5. I just did a quick search to no avail. The only link I could find was to that outdated one already mentioned. Could you please email (hope your not on dial up :) ) it to me too monkey and I'll look into getting it hosted somewhere because i've been looking for ages.

  6. Am sending Via email to ya now. Luckily enough I am on broadband. Have set it going now and am off to bed. So you should have in on your email soon. Assuming my isp don't shit over me sending 27meg via email. Let me know if you get it.
  7. Sorry champ Ive tried to send it a number of times but seems my isp isnt a fan of sending an email that large. the offer is still there to stick in on a cd and post it if need be
  8. hmmm, in that case, try http://www.dropload.com/

    Dropload is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Accepts up to 100mb

  9. Ok uploading it now. Looks a little slow will take around 30 mins to be complete. Again will let it run as Im headin of to bed. Ive used your nick name here as the recipient. Hope that works.
  10. Ericgao told me he found a GPX 250 manual right here at Netrider.

    Must be in the bike help sections somewhere.
  11. Umm, you have to put in an email address in the "To" bit so it can send an email to me with the link to the file. Using my nick there will not work.

    Sorry to be a pain
  12. The 26.8 Mb GPX Manual is the service manual supplement (the only usefull info is the valve clearances), I can send that to you if you want mate, but the base manual is the one you really need...
  13. Yeah, ive got the supplement but as you said its pretty useless (i got it from www.manualclub.com). Hopefully the one monkey is trying to send me is the base manual
  14. hello? Please don't forget about me.

    Im so close to getting my hands on one :D
  15. Den Monkey, if you open the PDF you have is the first paged titled down the bottom "Service Manual Supplement"?
  16. MMmmmm...if its the base manual I'll put my hand up for a copy too :)
  17. make that three :grin: :grin: