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GPX heat problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by outtalive, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Looks like a bad month for GPXs :( Been noticing a slight problem with my ol' kwakka. The last couple of times I've ridden it it's been getting hot and running rough. It's strange 'cos I had the thing serviced about two months ago and when I checked the coolant today the level was at the top and it still looked fresh (wasn't discoloured or grimy).

    It seems that due to the weather the motor is as a matter of course quite cold when I start it, once I've let her warm up a bit then ridden a couple of k's the temp gauge is at about twelve o'clock but within a few more minutes the needle is just to outside the red and there it seems to stay for the rest of the trip. Whilst the gauge is at this point the bike does feel a bit tired, and reluctant to accelerate quickly.

    Any ideas on how to fix this, or is this just a normal thing with GPXs that I've somehow forgotten about?
  2. gpx..

    There isnt a blockage somewhere ?? Sounds odd that one. You say its since you got it serviced or has it started a while after the service??
  3. Just these last couple of days, I guess it's possible the hoses might've developed a blockage..Looks like the only thing for it is to drain the coolant and start it fresh? I'd rather not if I can avoid it tho, quite messy and a pain in the a**.
  4. thermostat stuck?? it can happen if the coolant was changed but the old not flashed out properly...
  5. That can happen? Does that prevent the fan kicking in as early as it should? Is the only solution to flush the system out or can it be set elsewhere?
  6. I'd guess stuck thermostat too. I don't think cleaning it will help.

    Take it out and put it back together. That will tell ou if it is that. The only problem will be that it will not warm up properly in this weather, but at least you wil know what it is.

    The only other thing is thermo-fan. either the switch, wiring or the fan motor itself.

    Is it coming in when the motor is hot?
  7. As above..thermostat.

    although not on a bike my car had this problem, caused by a broken.stuck thermostat.

    Replace it and see how it goes
  8. Hold on... the fan geos on when the temp reaches red??? if so I do belive that is normal for some bikes... eg FZR250...

    other bikes the fan will go on much ealier...
  9. Fan goes on long before the red for a GPX. Not sure if mine obeys the rule, but typically it will sit just inside the normal temperature zone (on the cold side).

    Oil change recently?