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GPX gearbox problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tack, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. I was out riding about a week ago and the bike developed an oil leak. I got it home stripped it down, cleaned it and found that the output shaft was leaking oil. I felt the free play in it and spun the shaft and listened to the bearing noise and thought it didn't sound good. Being unsure of how much play is ok with bikes I decided to replace the seal and see how it went.

    I removed the seal and...the bearing is stuffed off its face...balls missing...bits of metal everywhere.....so its and engine out job.

    Has anyone else experienced this with a GPX250 before? Its a 91 model only done 13000k's...I've done no mono'ing or anything....so seems real strange to me that this has happened. :( :( :( :(

  2. Tack, the engine/speedo could have ticked over...113000 :wink:
  3. Hiya Voodsy, nice to hear from you...

    I did think that maybe I could have been ripped but I don't think this bike could have done even 50,000 let alone 100,000...every where you look on this bike its virtually new...places you couldn't hide milage....it had original tyres on it...ones that you can't get anymore....the foam protector which usually crumbles due to sun damages is still on the tank ....the underneath of the mud guards look like they have just come off the assembly line...there are no stone chips anywhere on the frame or swing arms or fairings....there is no road grime, rust, marks build up anywhere that indicate milage....you would have had to strip the whole bike and repaint every piece, replace guards and reassemble to get the bike to this condition. It was parked in the show room at Kawasaki brighton when I got the tyres done and we walked past it three times cause it looked so new...

    the only way I can think of that this bearing was damaged is if the chain tension has been set wrong at some stage in its life putting too much load on it and started the whole thing (unless its just a poor quality bearing)......I know the tension was ok when I checked it...so it would have been previous to this..dunno...got me stuffed..I guess the only other cause is rider abuse...I'm just too rough on it :( (Maybe that ZZtop song is about me..."I'm a rough boy" :p )
  4. Does anyone know where in Melbourne I can take my kawasaki head to be cleaned (hot tanked) and have the valve seats checked, guides checked and reseated (if necessary).

    It would be good if anyone knows an experienced/professional bike place rather than a general automotive head place or better still someone good with Kawasaki bike engines.

    The head has a far bit of coke on the valves and combustion chamber plus one valve looks like its been running a little hot....so while its apart thought I'll give it a birthday......

  5. I was told that any Automotive Head Pro should be ok with any bike head... though you might have to supply them with details ie. tolerances on the valves...

    As for your gearbox.. I have never heard of those berrings giving out... not on a GPX/ZZR
  6. Now you've got me worried... my bike is making a sound that i can't describe.. like you can hear the gears or something, but it's in every gear and it's quite faint, also goes away when i pull the clutch in, so it's something with the transmission (i think), it speeds up when the bike speeds up, not dependant on rpm's. I hope it's only minor, I'm getting a full service on saturday.

    Tack, was yours making any abnormal sound before it got the oil leak? Any ideas?