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GPX fender eliminator kit *COMPLETED*

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Banana Fred, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. In a fit of cheerful enthusiasm a couple of weeks ago, I purchased and received a fender eliminator kit from the U.S.A., made for the EX250 / Ninja.

    Now having been quite ill and off from work for a week now, I will be taking on this project in a little while as I get better and can spare a little time - and install this kit and see if it helps clean up the profile of the bike. I will keep the original fender in case it doesn't work out or the police decide otherwise.

    Has anyone else fitted a similar kit for their GPX or am I the only pidgeon?

  2. No but I wouldnt mind seeing some pics of it once you are done.

    I am a bit curious what you are going to do with the rear indicators, most of the USA GPX's use the pods to the right and left of the brake light. Our bikes do not have these.
  3. I thought even with a fender eliminator kit you needed to cut the original fender?
  4. G'day guys.

    Well though I'm still coughing up a lung, I was bored and decided to just do the kit now instead of later.
    I have taken some digital photos ( when I remembered to take them ) as I went about swapping out the old fender for the new bits but please excuse the quality of the pics as I took them with my mobile phone instead of flogging my brother's nice digital camera and taking some proper clean & clear shots.

    Here's a couple of shots of the original look:

    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe1.jpg

    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe2.jpg

    I undid the screws that hold up the original fender and it just drops down freely onto the back wheel as shown below. This is also when I discovered that being the fourth owner of this bike means I should have paid a little more attention to the state of the fender underneath and done some additional haggling before I agreed on price because you can see that two of the retaining screws had bits of the fender still attached to them!

    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe3.jpg

    At this point I felt a bit of drizzle so I decided to move the car out of the garage and do the remaining work inside the garage. I dummy fitted the replacement panel ( as below ) but the gaping holes of the broken mounts bothered me to the point where I decided to remove them from the original fender and with some finagling, I refitted them and reapplied the replacement panel so that if I or anyone else had to look under there again, it would look reasonably wholesome.
    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe4.jpg

    Now came the replacement license bracket and the side brackets from the kit and they were simply bolted on with some supplied bolts. The instruction sheet now asked me to unbolt the original indicators from the original fender, remove the original rubber grommits and washers and reattach them all to the new side brackets and then feed the wiring through.
    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe5.jpg

    At this point all that is left is modifying the original tail lamp assembly so that the light provided by the tail light bulb will illuminate the license plate to be mounted below it. I had to gently knock out the original red filler piece piece from inside the tail lamp which you can see in the picture below.
    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe6.jpg

    I then cleaned up the surface area and attached the replacement acrylic piece with the supplied self adhesive glue which took all of a minute.
    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe7.jpg

    All that was left was to screw in the tail lamp, plug the indicator and tail lamp wires back in, knock out some of the creases and dings in the license plate, mount it and... voila!
    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe8.jpg

    The last test was to see how well it illuminated the plate so I closed the garage, turned off the overhead lights and turned the bike light on.
    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe9.jpg

    Decently lit.
    So here's a couple of shots of the bike in profile with the kit fitted.
    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe9a.jpg
    http://www.diamondspire.com/members/Pure Weevil/gpxfe9b.jpg

    Now when I compare the completed images with the first two original images up the top of this post, I believe it cleans up the profile tremendously.
    All in all, I found the supplied kit and instructions to be easy and simple to follow and implement.
    What do you folks reckon?
  5. Cool. :cool:. Neat and tidy. Care to share how to get the kit from the US of A?
  6. Looks good. If you don't mind me asking, what was the total cost of the kit?

    I may have to invest in one.
  7. Hey bonjoji and Kamikaze_Kawasaki, I bought this kit from http://www.1tail.com/sa/c/Fender_Eliminator_Kits.htm and the total cost after being converted from USD to AUD was $186.75 landed.
    I umm'd and arr'd over that price for a little while before purchasing it but all I had to do to make up my mind was remember how every time I'd walk past my bike, I'd be annoyed at that low hanging saggy nappy look that the original fender had to it. After the install, that dirty soiled feeling went away in moments.
    Incidentally, when I received my kit I found a Competition Werkes sticker in amongst the bits so if you want, check their website and see if they sell it for less.
  8. btw i think its worth mentioning that you might want to invest in a plastex kit to fix up the mounting tabs. Its precisely the type of repair that its designed for. a small kit is about $30 from a bike shop, but you can get a lot of repairs in with that.

    I've fixed up everything from fairing cracks due to a truck flicking a HALF BRICK at me to tabs coming off fairings and fairing panels breaking at their joins. In all honesty its twice as strong after the fix than the rest of the plastic around it is.
  9. Looks tidy.... but just looking at the pics can't figure out why you bought the whole kit instead of just buying a number plate bracket from a bike shop, and screwed it up..... 25.00 and your done, because looks like you have kept the stock, lights, indicators, etc.. and just removed the mudguard area :wink:

    Anyway looks alot better
  10. Ah well, I decided to avoid modifying the original fender in case I ever had to put it back on. I'm not too fussed about it as I did weigh up the pricing before I forked over the money but other little things like having everything already pre-made to just slot in was a plus.

    It sure does. :)
  11. Sorry to dig up this post, but just thought i'd add some info.

    Saw this post and loved the look of the bike without a fender, however had a hard time justifing spending that much money on a kit, so i dug around and found a pretty cool tutorial.


    Total cost was ~$2 and its a solid little bracket.

    Any questions dont hesitate to ask, can post pictures, but it looks much the same as the one in the write up.
  12. just chop it

    Ijust took off the rear guard and took a hack saw to it.

    the drill some holes to fit small bracketts on (little L shaped ones) for the number plate, and attach the indicators higher up on the fairing (not as pretty, and would look a whole lot better with smaller indicaters.)

    Pics HERE

    just used spare parts around the house, and it looks a whole lot better.
  13. How are you going to go (or the next person) with a roadworthy now? I was always told they are a grey area to ride with (depends on the cop) but wont pass a roadworthy.
  14. Hi! just wanna ask if you had any trouble with dirt or mud when you remove the fender? Or is the fender elimination kit as good as the original fender in keeping the bottom of your seat clean?

    Also, why wouldn't it pass a roadworth certificate? :?:
  15. I dont know the geometry, but it needs to pass roadworht by having a mudguard a certain distance and angle ect. I passed a roadie by riveting an icecream lid to the back of a cutdown fender.
    Also, for the gpx, theres a good chance that the fairing where the indicators go is just original indicators that have been painted.. So if you wanted to, you could strip/sand back the paint, and have the orange plastic lense instead.. Try from the inside first. You could pick up some painted lenses from the wrecker as well. The same goes for the zzr's too.
  16. Sorry for the late reply ~ this kit fits right where the old one was so no dirt or mud has gotten up there or under the seat. I'm still happy with it.

    Incidentally, I was just checking the currency conversion of the Aussie dollar to the U.S. dollar and right now the kit would have cost me $124 AUD instead of the $186 USD that I paid for it before Christmas last year.
  17. Am i the only one who thinks it looks better stock?

    $180 for that is ridiculous.
  18. Im going to try making one for the zzr using a joint strengthener also

  19. Which means you'll have to cut the fender - which is fine unless you need a RWC or you're stopped by the cops who tell you you need a roadworthy....
  20. That's crap crap crap crap crap.

    You can argue that all day - I've got a PDF somewhere on ADR that have the much-vaunted rules regarding mudguards. If you're protected by the frame, you'll be sweet.