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gpx 250 tacho

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by p_stampy, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Hi, It appears that even thought my tacho goes to 16, the needle would have been poiting at 20 today.

    I first noticed when I wasn't going too fast that I was almost redlining it, which I thuoght was a bit weird cos Im pretty sure I havn't done that before, but once I was in top gear going about 100, the tachno was way off...

    If I let the throttle off a bit it would go down a bit, but not until I slow right down, does it swing back around to where the numbers acutally are.

    Sitting at the lights idleing was fine (about 3), and when its off its at 0.

    Any ideas? Cable coming lose maybe? Am I just revving it so much and I never noticed before :eek:
  2. A mate's ZZR250 used to do the same thing... we think we worked out that it was displaying double the actual revs! I can't really remember the fix for it but i think it had something to do with loose cables.

    I'll ask him how he fixed it and get back to you.
  3. Top stuff, thanks.

    Yeh, it does seem like its just doubling. I cant remember what it idles on.. not sure if 1500 is right (since it was showing 3).

    I havn't ridden for a few weeks, so I cant even remember if everythign was fine last time i went for a ride.
  4. Started doing it again on the way home, then i got hit by this side wind, and the tacho slowly went back to the numbers, and down to about 10 , while riding at about 90 in top gear.

    Maybe it just didnt know what hit it after not being ridden for a lil while hehe.