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gpx 250 service?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by 87crisis, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Hi again guys,

    i've come to a realisation over the past week that should've come at the time of purchase but being far too eager as just having passed my l's a month or so ago i neglected this thought...

    i've got a 98 gpx 250 with about 52 thousand on her...to my knowledge she pretty much sat un-used for near 2 months under a bike cover in carpark at army base

    now i'm in two minds at wether i should simply drag her into western motorcycle's when my friends working there (try n save a few bob) or to attempt working on a good part of it myself

    (understanding i've got the service manual and a garage full of every tool i could need at the parents as the old fella has a harley...for parts of it he'd be able to help however...he has a harley...and he's a old bastard...so the stubborn...take it apart then worry about putting it back together mindframe is always in place but i'm sure he'd help where he could...apart from that ...i am completely fresh meat to the mechanical world...counting more on the gpx being a fairly basic bike and me being a quick learner)

    i got the bike unregistered...fixed a broken blinker and had her passed for rego...bit over a week ago without ever considering it the old fella checked my oil...well...where oil is meant to go...ty to youtube i changed the oil n filter (after draining a whole 500 odd ml out) ...she rides a hell of alot better since which has lead me to think...she has alotta k's on her for a bike (not an extreme amount but still)

    she also makes a heavy knocking sound when i first start her up...which tends to die off not long after taking off (i put this down to ol' red needing to warm up)

    is the heavy knocking an issue...and would it be a idea to clean out the carby's n air filter....(would it be advised for me to do it or a shop...if a shop any idea's on price?) and is there anything else that you guys could advise me on having done or looking at to get her back upto scratch (oh also tightened the chain when i changed the oil)

    i really do apologise for my writing being all over the place...it's been a long night and wanted to get this up n posted before the weekend finished and everyone went back to work, thanks in advance and if there's any more info needed about the bike just let me know.
  2. I've heard that knocking on a few GPX's at warm up which goes away which has lead me to believe it's normal, but don't quote me on that. I honestly don't know.

    52,xxx km's isn't that much for a GPX. The motors are pretty bulletproof and are good for quite a number more km's.

    I hope this doesn't step on any toes at this forum, but, www.ninjette.org is your friend for GPX/Ninja 250's. A great resource for DIY's and tech support.
  3. I have an 01 GPX and I wouldn't worry too much about the knocking provided it goes away when it warms up. I believe it's called the Kwaka Knock and I think all gippys do it to a degree. Mine's worst immediately after starting up but is noticeably quieter with the clutch in. I'm told it's just what they do.

    In terms of kms, 50+ isn't too many. Mine has nearly 49,000 on it. they'll go forever if you look after them.

    another good source of info is the ninja wiki: http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/Main_Page

    cheers :)

  4. Hey 87crisis, I read the start of your post with a smile because this is how I started out with bikes. I found an old GPX and fixed it up, regod it, rode it etc

    I stopped smiling as soon as you said you drained 500ml of oil out of it AND it has a knock! Argh! If someone has been running the bike with only 500ml of oil then that knock could be serious bottom end damage. Those bikes are supposed to have something like 3 litres of oil.

    They are rather noisy, mechanical sounding bikes but they are not supposed to have a knock. Make it a priority to have someone with a trained ear listen to it because if you do have engine problems, you want to know about it asap.
  5. *nods* i've had a friend & the old fella have a ride & they both said she sounds alright..and as above the knock is only around the start when she's warming up (just taking extra time to make sure she's good n warmed up now)

    as for the oil...yeah...they're meant to have 1.9 litre's of oil...and i was immediately suprised at how much better ol' red ran once she was oiled up and had a new filter (i check the levels every few days just incase she has a leak, havn't noticed any real change yet)

    i'm considering taking her in to change the chain n sprocket and having the forks and front brakes serviced...(front brakes are fairly jerky half the time...which in turn drops the front end due to suspension ...this doesn't bother me too much as i can handle the bike but i figure i want a good two years out of her while im restricted so best off keepin her upto scratch.)
  6. 50,000kms is not a lot of KM'a for a bike that has BEEN WELL SERVICED. 50,000Kms however, is a real lot of Km's for a bike that has NOT been maintained.

    My wife started out on a ZZR250 (same motor) and yes the knock is nothing to worry about if it completley goes away after warming up.