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GPX 250 review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. This would be my short review of my gpx, after 14000 km of riding it. Note that it is my first bike and the only bike I have ridden beside License course bikes. It won AMCN entry bike of the year (2007), just released this week.

    First, in term of practicallity, it supports learners really well. It has a centre stand; very handy when doing chain maintenance once a week, oil change once in other weeks, or when I am bored so I can spin the rear wheel. The bike is very light - only 138 kg dry claimed, high mileage of 27-29 km/L, easily accelerate and maintain speed over 100 km/h due to its fairing.

    The air filter element is also easily accessible, it is located under seat, and would take ~10 minutes to replace. The bike comes with water cooled, which I heard is very good for commuting - better than air cooled.

    It has plenty of lean angle for normal riding, the suspension while soft, is very good on bumpy road. I just have to lift my arse a bit and engage the clutch when approaching one of those big road hump; while a good brake control would help the suspension release on a traffic light stop; which again a good scenario for learners to learn brake control. It also has plenty of engine braking, again good for learning throttle control.

    It can easily out accelerate any cars with its high rpm and proper blipping - depending on the rider's weight as it is a reasonably small bike.

    The seating height is very low, I am 5 7" and can easily move around on it. It may not be a head turner, but it is definitely a learner-turner for those that are seriously considering for a great bike on learning.!

    The twin cylinder gives a predictable acceleration across the rpm, it sits comfortably at 7000 rpm on 100 km/h 6th gear. A good tyre - arrowmax, would set the bike perfect for learning. Ditch the stock tyre as soon as possible, remember Rossi lost because of tyres (so he said).

    The high rpm engine gives different characteristic for different needs, cruising - 5-7k rpm, high speed riding 7-12k rpm.

    The instrument is also very logical and easy to read, speed on the left, rpm in the middle, and important indicators on the right - with big and bright icons.

    She is a great bike for commuting, on weekly maintenance, highway speed, and thrill of the moment on tight twisties.


  2. Hey thanks for the practical review. I do my pre learners course in a couple of weeks and am considering the GPX as my first bike. Only problem may be size...
  3. Great review, its such a good learners bike and has a great price and I've heard they are so reliable, that you can't kill them.

    Can I ask, would you consider the ZZR250 thats much more expensive? It seems the GPX can do everything the ZZR can? How is the riding position like compared to the ZZR250? Also I think both have the same fuel tank capacity of 18litres so you could go just as far on the GPX if you decide to do some touring.
  4. Nice review.

    But 19th century looks, 20th century technology at 21st century prices.

    However, a reasonable learner bike it is.
  5. i've never tried zzr. i just knew gpx would do the job, didn't even test ride it :grin:

    zzr is prettier but more expensive, and i prefer the instrument on gpx.
    zzr is rated for touring, while gpx is for supersport
  6. 6000 brand new. unlimited 2 yr warranty. much better than buying 15 yrs old bikes e.g. cbr at $4000 or sometimes $4500.. and gambling with rusted parts
  7. Tough as teak those GPX's are. Mate of mine rode from Canberra to Brisbane and back 5 times a year and it didn't miss a beat.

    Perfect learner all rounder.
  8. That is simply to try to get two market segments.
    There really isn't enough diference to call them diferent things.
    They are both sorta sport tourer things...
  9. There is a very good reason why the Hondas still fetch high prices. They as an average are the best construction you can buy.

    Yes many have been mis-treated and left to rust, but you will not find a higher powered, better suspension set small bike.
  10. There is a very good reason 250 inline 4's fetch such a high price, it is because people keep pursuing this perception that it is a better bike for a learner even though it is safer to have low end torque when you are learning.
  11. I thought it would be more along the lines that its because they are some of the fastest 4-stroke 250cc bikes out there.
  12. I think Nightgash's point is more on the mark.

    I've never heard my old GPX described as a crotch rocket, but the CBRrrrrrrrr's definitely have been. The CBRrrrrrrrs' definitely have this perception.
  13. HAHA! I cracked up when reading this! Great review, entertaining and informative.

    And you're right - the GPXs are excellent learner-turners! I'm going to have to try and use that word in conversation somehow :grin:
  14. I checked out a GPX on the weekend, just to do a comparison between the CBR. Putting age to one side, I would still say a good nick CBR is leaps and bounds ahead in finish, quality of manufacture and standards of technology (brakes, lines, suspension and engine design).

    It appears after the degegulation of the Japanese market in these bikes (other than 250cc and scooters), limited funding has gone into maintaining the build on these bikes.

  15. :roll:

    It's not fair to compare the CBR250r & rr with the GPX.

    Go and do a comparo between Kwaka's ZXR250 and the CBR since the ZXR directly competed with and had the same power output as the CBR250's.

    GPX was in a different part of the 250 market.

    While on the topic of CBR's, I think production of the CBR's was wound down from 1994 and the last one rolled off the production line in 1996. I seem to recall that the grey imports from the '93? onwards were down on power compared to the directly imported ones. Something to do with Japanese law.


    I loved my GPX :)
  16. Unfortunately the ZXR is a kawa.
    enough said
  17. :rofl:

    I know its hilarious! Especially when the zzr has the better fairing, tyres and geared for acceleration :p
  18. :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

    At least this is a totally subjective comment unlike the previous one. I can live with that. :)

  19. not with the extra weight :p
  20. You should ride a Bandit. Makes the same power but peaks 4000rpm sooner, and handles brilliantly.