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GPX 250 Mixture Screw / Left cylinder not working(maybe)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by loth, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Hey there,
    Well I'm not the bike savvy type of guy. Just bought a bike to ride to uni and stuff.

    I simply had to go for a second hand one, budget constraints. The guy is telling me that the idling is too high, the mixture screw needs adjusting. Any idea how much that would cost? All the bike mechanics are ripping me off. I can find no-one that will do it for me for under $100. One even said it's $350 o_O

    Also, a neighbour and friend of mine who really knows bikes says the left cylinder is not working. We had to take the left spark off for the bike to actually work. He also said its a really easy problem that can be fixed in no time, something about electrical failure somewhere that is causing the left cylinder to not work.

    I really cannot afford those high prices those mechanics are charging. But then again maybe it's the usual price around here in Sydney? I know I have not provided much detail, and I apologise for that. I just need all the advice that's available right now so I can make an informed decision, or kind of.

    Are there are netrider guys who would be able to help me out concerning the mechanical problems? I live near Maroubra and wouldn't mind riding out the bike to someone who is not likely to rip me off >.< Any recommendations?

    Thank you for reading.
  2. It sounds like your nieghbour has diagnosed a spark problem.

    But is it idling too high?

    A spark problem would present as idleing too low or refusing to idle at all.

    You are not going to get someone to work on your bike for less than $60-75/hr. Most things on a bike take a couple of hours, by the time you put them on a hoist and remove the body panels etc.

    Parts are about 1.5-2 times the car equivalent, though you may not need them for either of the two possible repairs here.

    I'm a bit far away from maroubra to help, but someon here may be closer.
  3. Well I brought mine to BMS on Botany road, charged $66 per hour.
    They adjusted the mixture screws, and they said the carby needed cleaning is all. Thank god its not worse...

    Although I did not appreciate the way the chinese guy (I'm not being racist here) there talked to me, they worked on the bike quicker than I expected. Dropped the bike there at noon, got it back at 3PM same day.

    Thanks for replying ibast, I appreciate it :]
  4. crazy thought here.. in my instruction manual it says that there is a screw to adjust the idle revs and that it is as easy as a twist in either direction... u sure the mechanic isnt having a lend of you?