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GPX 250 headlights?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by loth, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Can the headlights on the above mentionned bike be turned off?
    I tried looking for a switch but....

  2. Yes - turn the keys to 'off' :p

    But seriously, to do it when its 'on' you have 2 realistic options:rip out the wiring / pull out the battery.

    Leave them on, anything you can do to make you see is good. Including neons and one of those police sirens on top of your helmet.
  3. :LOL:

    Well 2 reasons why I wanted it off :
    1. Conserve the battery.
    2. People telling me that headlights is on, and that I should switch it off.

    Oh well!
  4. If it really bothers you it'd be a pretty simple project to simply wire in your own switch.
  5. Hmm I'll look into it thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Doubt it makes much difference to battery? totally worth the sacrifice for a bit of extra visibility.

    As for number 2 - who cares, what do they know. You're allowed and encouraged by bike manufacturers to leave it on whenever you want.
  7. i liked the neons and police sirens tip better :) but leave em on eh. could easily save your bike and life. you would notice the difference if you turned them off pretty quickly.
  8. Battery.. Don't think it will make a big different if the bike is running.. Turn the key to off as soon as you shut the engine...

    As for "2. People telling me that headlights is on, and that I should switch it off. ".. Don't think that will be the case.. most bikes have headlights on all time.... for safety and visibility reasons. I've never come across other road users signaling me to turn off my headlights.
  9. You can't turn off the headlight because you're not allowed to. Australan design rules for motorcycles state that if the engine is running, the headlight MUST be lit.

    Riding without lights would mean your bike was unroadworthy, and make you even more invisible to cagers...... not good.

    Don't worry about it about it flattening your battery either. When the engine is running, the light is powered by the bikes alternator not it's battery.

    As for people pointing out that your lights are on..... I'd suggest asking if they've taken thier medication today.

  10. Ok, time to join us in the 21st century. :LOL:

    Said law was revoked back in '94, I think. It hasn't been compulsory for bike headlights for a long time - but many manufacturers still build bikes without an off switch for headlights. Gotta cater to all markets. :)
  11. You sure about that?

    I asked a dealership and they also mentioned the 'headlight must be on when engine running' law.