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GPX 250-gears

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Roar2Life, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Hey, What gear should I be riding in on my gpx when commuting at 60km/h? I used to ride in 3rd when I first started riding but I find it sounds "better" if I ride in 4th. So, which is better?

  2. The higher the gear, the less fuel you use, the lower the gear, the more power you have. Horses for courses. You shouldn't have many troubles in 6th :p
  3. I'm usually in 4th gear, sometimes 3rd. I find cruising along @ 5-6k rpm is best.
  4. Ba bowww. Incorrect.

    If you're in too high of a gear in any sort of traffic or any non flat road, or any stop and start situation, then you don't want to be sitting 5-6k rpm since when you go to accelerate you won't have any power on hand so will have to increase throttle (fuel), wasting more fuel rather than if you cruised say, around 6.5-7. Which is why if you lived in 6th gear in a non freeway cruise, you'd waste alot of petrol!!
  5. If commuting try doing it just under your engine's "sweet spot" Got no idea what RPM that is on a GPX. Lets say its 4000 RPM I'd be happy in a gear that sees me doing the limit at 3700. This way you're cruising without stressing anything and if you need to FOQ just snick it back a gear and off you go. Its not really the same on a bigger bike with more power & torque or on a pocket rocket with a narrower sweet spot.

    My bike gets cracking at 7000 but has enough grunt at 4000 to commute on so I'm usually in 3rd around town.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Yes, the sweet spot you are referring to is about 7000rpm on a gpx/zzr (power starts to come at 8000).
  7. Hmmm, I thought a stock GPX (92 model) at 60km/h in 6th sits on 5000rpm, so if you guys are riding around in 4th and 3rd...ermmm. Maybe things have changed since my 92 model?
  8. 5000rpm is far from power, you're boned if you're in traffic or have to react quickly - not to mention uneconomical, and that there is a dip in the power curve at about 5500rpm.
  9. I normally ride along in 6th if doing 60......yes it's 5000rpm....

    i'm just used to doing that in a car i guess.....the engine sounds like its straining, and it's alot more jumpy if i'm in a lower gear.

    maybe i'll try leaving it in a lower gear if that's what i'm supposed to do :?
  10. When you are riding at 60km/h, you will use less fuel in 6th gear then you will in a lower gear. You will not have a WOT when cruising at 60km/h. Im not saying they shouldnt shift lower, but if you are sitting at 60km/h there is no reason why you cant be in the highest gear that wont struggle to hold the speed, and at 60km/h 6th gear on a gpx250 will be fine.
  11. i use 4/5 in 60. my gpx doesn't like below 5k rpm and 60 is exactly 4k rpm at 6th
  12. For holding a constant speed - of course. I don't doubt that. But in typical conditions (people merging, having to slow down then speed up, going up inclines, someone cuts you off and you have to evade, etc. you're too far away from acceleration that is one of the key safety advantages of bikes - being able to nimbly dodge in and out of traffic as necessary. Sitting at 5000 revvs you can't do that. And just because you're doing more revvs doesn't necessarily you're shoving more petrol in. 6th gear vs 4th or 5th in normal conditions and the lower gears will have better economy.

    How am I so sure? Because I was used to cars having low revvs so always stayed in a higher gear, but after a while and gaining confidence in maneuvering I realized it was shady.
  13. That's pretty accurate. As soon as I push through 8,000RPM the torque starts to kick in and it will keep going untill it starts to drop off after about 12,000 - 13,000RPM.
    As for gear and speed, it's very much a subjective experience. Whichever gear I am in, I like to keep the RPM around 6 - 7,000RPM when cruising so that if I need to give it a squirt for some reason it will accelerate well enough without needing to downshift. At that RPM you're just sitting on the beginning of the torque range which is less of a strain on the motor whilst cruising.
  14. Exactly. If you're running @ 5000 all the time when you throttle on, you're putting the engine under unnecessary strain.
  15. dad be dangerouse mon 5k RPM and 60km/ph = no power

    I agree with the sweet spot thing. its where i like to keep it when im relaxed and not killin it
  16. Some good points raised here, thanks guys.
  17. Yes unfortunately it is populated by alot of uninformed, inexperienced and plainly unintelligent, egotist riders. There are of course lots of great guys there, but I've found on the forums they will always insult you instead of giving you any useful advice.