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gpx 250 dropped now running rough

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 87crisis, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. yada yada yada....98' gpx 250 ...55k on the clock..came thru some roadworks in hoxton park area tried pulling into a shop carpark to ask for directions (just finished 400km trip home) and slid out on some loose gravel...broken blinker week after i got it fixed which left me frustrated...lifted her up (and after i later found out i should've left her for awhile standing upright)

    walked her a few metre's up and put the stand up...inspected the damage...(clutch lever tip snapped off...gear lever bent inwards and broken blinker...frustrating..yep..but **** it if she goes she goes i thought

    tried starting her up to no avail...ended up droppin it into first(by habit i start her in nuetral) - hittin the starter and wringing the throttle until she started up(15 seconds or so)

    now the thing is ...that since my trip and that little incident...she doesn't seem right...doesn't feel like my lil shitbox 250...(perhaps it was the constant 140speeds at points along open highway) or the drop...but first and second gear sound ratshit...bike rumble's like she's at 10k rpms when she's only showing 4 or 5k max on the tacho for first n second gear..(first being the worst of the two)

    and i was pretty sure i had a oil leak previously but now am fairly positive...did a oil change about a month ago at the most...and she's down to half the oil level she should be at

    now i do need to take off the fairings and clean her out as she's ridden with grime and bits of other shit from the ride (and previous owner as i've been tad too pre-occupied to clean out her inside's) but am considering doing it now after picking up a few tools from the old's joint...if there's anything you guys can point out for me to check up on or test...shoot away and i'll do my best - i'm in no mood for sleep anyway and would rather have a safe bike than a early night

    ahhh and the old fella suggested with the newer oil being thinner or some such that it's just pissed out the exhaust and "your rings are fkn rooted mate"

    what this means...i'm unsure...but for the people who aren't in jail and know what having a rooted ring is could enlighten me...that'd be tits !

    OH OH...and when i come to a stop at points now or drop down from 6-7k revs for a turn...the oil light has a habit of turning on all be it briefly (5-10 seconds) ...

    =D always a barrel of fun this thing is
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.