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GPX 250 chain replacement

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lobsta, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. so tensioning my chain today and i noticed that i have a major tight-loose thing going on, so i figure im in line for a new chain. the service manual says the stock one is an Enuma Endless EK520 MV-O 106 Link. what options are there available to me for a replacement? and prices?

    i dont need a super duper chain. my bike only goes 170 km/h max (*cough* or so ive heard *cough*), i do enjoy a "spirited" ride but also use it for commuting.

    also, when im going around talking to shops about the chain i need, what parts of the above description do i need? is 520/106 enough to describe the correct chain?


  2. The 520 gives the distance between the holes in the chain (important so that it lines up on the sprockets), the 106 is the number of links. Those numbers are all you need though keep in mind that they may not have a chain exactly 106 links long (or if they do it may be expensive). Often it's much cheaper to buy a longer chain and cut it to length (making sure you're very, very, very certain you're cutting the right link first).

    If you want to do it yourself a clip-type chain would be fine for a GPX, a guide to how to fit one\can be found here:

    And info on pretty much anything else you could want to know about chains can be found here:
  3. go to shop
    buy chain
    remove old chain
    fit new chain
    have a beer
  4. Hi,
    Book it in & let a workshop do the chain & sprocket replacement if you not sure how to do it.
    The chain if not fitted & joined correctly can break or come off the sprockets & could cause YOU some serious injury if it locks up the rear wheel or smashes the engine cases.