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gpx 250 bottom end knocking?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by davesta, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Hey guys been lurking for a bit, just thought i'd finally say hi.. But anyway my 88 gpx makes a fairly loud knocking sound when just started up when cold and the revs aren't high enough (say under 1000). I dont have my license yet ( getting it in two weeks) so it has been sitting in the garage since i got it (bout 2 months ago) with occasional rides around the block to keep it going.. Anyway when its idling properly and warmed up it never makes the sound, only when just started if the revs die down. Is this fairly common or a symptom of a worn bottom end? Thanx in advance guys,

  2. Sorry guys just in case you were wondering its got about 30,000 kays on the clock and generally seems to be in pretty good overall condition, doesnt burn any oil and runs sweetly... Doesnt have that abused look about it, just dropped haha
  3. mate mine is loud when cold and low idle and i think if you ask any gpx/zzr 250 owner they would say the same so i say dont worry about it and get your l's and also most of all have fun
  4. havn't yet seen a GPX that doesn't knock below 1000rpm. but idle should be over 1000 anyways, so just adjust that up to say 1500 and you should be right :wink:
  5. Sounds like a normal Kawasaki ZZR/GPX 250 gearbox & clutch to me. Noisy as buggery when their cold, but they do get better once warm.

    Only thing to be cautious of is what i've heard termed the GPX 'death rattle' but i've got no fookin idea what it actually is - perhaps just urban legend to stop people buying GPX's. :p :grin:
  6. Cool as, thanx guys, yeah i figured it seems to be pretty much a bulletproof engine.. Yeah i have the idle set at about 1400, it just drops below 1000 sometimes when its cold after i have turned the choke off.. Cant wait to get my L's, i'll see you up mount dandenong haha

  7. This "Death Rattle" does exsist. and it any motorcycle, or motor, can get it. In a clunky motor like the gpz/zzr you REALLY know its there!

    The only cure- sell it and upgrade :LOL:
  8. 30,000 or 130,000? it is an 18 year old bike...
  9. Yep, i thought so - just an excuse people use to sell and upgrade to ZX9R's. :grin:

    (The person this comment is targetted at knows who he is...)