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GPX 250 and ZZR 250 opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nightrider, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    I would like to hear from other peoples opinions on these two bikes as i am looking at either getting a gpx or a zzr 250. Iv'e heard some good reviews on the gpx being a great first learners bike and very reliable and easy to get parts for. I personally think its a great bike looks very reliable but dont know what the zzr 250 is like or if it has any flaws? I know they look like a similar bike and have read that you can throw them around anyway and they take the punishment. What would be the difference in the two and also what would others recommened as a first bike. I have though about a 250 hornet or a suzuki across as you have the space to fit your helmet in so you dont have to lug it around but personally i think out of the gpx and zzr 250 is what im really looking at..any personal opinions would be much appreciated..

  2. Both are decent L bikes with the GPX being slightly cheaper to crash. :)
  3. I've been riding a ZZR for a few months now, and while I don't have a lot to commpare it to, I like it. I do find it a bit gutless, like any 250 will be I guess.

    The GPX uses the same engine as the ZZR, and both bikes are really similar. I reackon that they are both good learners bikes, just depends which you prefer or can get for a good price.
  4. I foiund the ZZR a good learners bike. It is bigger than the GPX and give you more protection from the elements, especially on long highway hauls. The have a bulletproof engine provided you give it regular oil changes and services.

    They have a couple of little faults. Some older models have a wiggly rear end when you are pushing the bike hard are corners. Nearly all of them suffer from the 'sticky clutch' syndrome. As they get older the fairings and bits/bobs loosen up but that is to be expected.

    There really is no MAJOR problems with these bikes which is partly the reason they have been running for ~16 year with only VERY minor changes.

    Google them and you will find a HEAP of information. If you google EX250 you will get a MOUNTAIN of info. The GPX is known as a EX in the US and they are a very popular bike.

  5. ZZR looks more of a girlie bike than GPX. Maybe because of its fairings. This is just my opinion. Please dont kill me for this.
  6. I have a GPX and my nephew N1GH7-R1D3R has ZZR they are both great bikes as far reliability they are both great and by chance my gpx is for sale :grin: as i now want a 600 so make me an offer around $4000 and its yours ! :grin:
  7. Slaps kanduli01 up the side of the head.
    Girlie you say?
  8. Yep Falcon that sure looks like a girls bike to me mate :grin:

    Just joking :wink:
  9. nightrider - the GPX and the ZZR have the SAME engine and gearbox. In terms of what makes it move, they are identical bikes. That said, they are both excellent 250's. Keep one thing in mind, on a one for one basis, the ZZR will cost you more to buy, but it will have a batter re-sale value.

    That's a mighty fine looking Red & Black ZZR there FL. I'm sure I've seen that bike somewhere before .......
  10. Yep it is doing well by me. Fast heading up to time for booking it in for the first service.
    Took it up the Mt Dandinong Tourist rd on monday, was a blast.
  11. Ive had my ZZR for 10 days now and Im loving it. Its alot more red and purple than any GPX's that I have seen and has more Z's and R's written on the side, but on the other hand it has less G's, P's and X's.
  12. Cant see how this could be a bad thing......
    The fairings on the zzr are there not just for show but they actually do a good job. That boys bike your on, on the other hand ..... :bolt:
  13. egiste... Just face it, your ZZR is Pink. it's a girlie bike.
    Nothing to do with the model... But it is pink.
  14. gpx250 and zzr250 are basically the same bikes except for the zzr to have a bit more "skirts" - fairings (made it to look more like a girlie bike - not that there is wrong with that :wink: :p -- just joking :LOL: ).

    seriously, gpx is a bit lighter than zzr, some would say it has less touring protection (in terms of fairings) but having said that i don't find it difficult on long rides, the small fairing keeps wind from your chest. its very nimble and easy to ride, it can go fast easily and redlines at 14,000rpm with really good power delivery somewhere at 9,000rpm. lower seat height good for vertically-challenged people :wink: .

    this maybe biased as my only experience with a zzr was seating stationary on one "trying for size", the seat felt the same though. anyways, they're both good 250s - go get one ... or two (if you can). btw, my gpx is red :cool:
  15. [img:640:480:d003c9456f]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b114/seany1977/Marks%20Bike/MarksZZR001.jpg[/img:d003c9456f]
    Its Light RED!! :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: OK, Its purple with one pink stripe
    :grin: :grin:
  16. ZZR's are top bikes. I've had mine just over a month now and she runs like a dream. Yeah it's a 250 but has some grunt when I need it and will definately do until I get a 600. They're nice looking bikes, very reliable, easy and cheap to fix especially as opposed to the grey import CBR's and they are so easy to learn on. I have only stalled it once. Would definatley recommend one. Was tossing up between a GPX and a ZZR but went with the ZZR. I like a little bit more fairing than what the GPX has but that was the only reason. Good luck with the bike hunting.
  17. I cut my teeth on a GPX after having test rode a ZZR... I preferred the GPX and having a bit less fairing. It was a very friendly confidence inspiring bike that had a bit of sport factor about it.

    Like others have said, they are identical bikes except that the ZZR has different/additional fairing and a slightly different frame, otherwise, parts are interchangeable.

    Guess it boils down to dollars. Do you want a slightly larger fairing?? Is it worth the dollars?


  18. thanks guys for the input. I personally like both the bikes and honestly i am leaning towards buying a GPX just for the fact that i have seen them a little cheaper than the ZZR's and like someone said they look a little sporty than the ZZR. I think both are good and if i came across a deal and found a ZZR cheap then i would probably buy that. I think it would be easy to obtain parts for both bikes because they are so common and thats a piece of mind too. I would like something basic like a GPX to start with as was said by a few people they are great learner bikes and i think it would suit me great to get me started and get some confidence on the road. Hey FALCON i think your bike looks great personally i dont think the ZZR looks girlie to me i would be happy owning one like yours :) Thanks to all :)
  19. The GPX has 16 inch wheels, the ZZR has 17's- I would assume that woud change the way the bikes handle.

    ZZR could be a little more stable on the open road??
  20. Despite having the same engine and trans the zzr is really sorta a generation ahead of the gpx in many ways (bigger wheels, better fairing, alloy frame, etc). I like the look of both of them, the zzr is definitely a more integrated 90's look where the gpx has that real old school top gun look (which i love). The zzr shares its frame with the 600, so its a physically bigger bike then the gpx but weighs a bit more. But yeah the zzr would be more expensive to repair if u drop it.