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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by OzzyDevil, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I was just wonding does anyone use a GPS with there motorbike ?? I'm thinking of getting one for her...

  2. yep, there's a few threads on here about them. Try searching the accessores/gear section and use terms like Garmin, Zumo, Aldi, TomTom. Some really good info and reviews.

    I've got the Aldi one. Very handy for touring and for recreational rides.
  3. Yeah i'm getting a Zumo660 with my bike just wanted to know if anyone has them and what there think of them...
  4. Zumo 660 IS the choice =D>
    Stereo music from it via BT or cable, pair in the phone as well and you get lots of voices in your head
  5. I've been using Metroview (download less than $17) in my iPhone through headphones. Works really well. I rigged a 12 volt power source for the phone off the battery for touring and the whole deal has cost less than $22. I can't actually read anything as small as a GPS screen on the handlebars without glasses, so the turn-by-turn instructions in my ears is perfect. And I've also got a phone, camera and everything else in the same package.
  6. Thx guys.. I can get it at the bike shop when I get the bike so all is good here.. I'm not to bad getting maps for free garmin maps..
  7. Just don't focus too much on the GPS when you are riding. As a new rider you will already be being distracted by the technical issues of riding and this will be taking focus away from the road and traffic. Your brain won't have too much computing power left over.
  8. That's why thy talk so I don't have to watch.. Plus I can site it up for speed cameras and so on..
  9. 'He also joked that the car became stuck because it was built in Korea. "Maybe if it was Japanese it would be okay," he said.'

    quote from the link twistngo posted....apparently even the japs are korean bashers...wonder if they feel the same way we do about hyo's

  10. I've been using the standard navigation ap on my Android phone via the headphones. Its not too bad. The software is a little slow / riding the bike is a little quick.....and Its easy to miss a turn or confuse the GPS with lane changes etc! Its a little more tricky than the GPS in the car, without the visual screen to read off.

    At least it got me to the general area, where I pulled out the phone and checked the screen.

    I even took a quick phone call while I had the earpiece in, which was a very strange feeling, and I ended the call as soon as I could.
  11. I do this too and as a bonus you can play music too.
  12. LOL I'd love a $ for every time I've had to tell someone that :LOL:
  13. when i got my aldi for $190 strike were selling for $600+ at ps i mentioned to the sales rep and he tried to tell me aldi ones are shit but ive had no issues in 2 years