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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Jeronimo, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking about getting a GPS for my Yamaha XVS650 Custom.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what ones are good and value for money?
  2. Very happy with my Aldi - check out the threads on it.
  3. Aldi would be the cheapest and best dedicated M/C GPS. Its either that or get a phone and use that as your GPS.

    I had an Aldi unit and loved it until someone relieved me of them, now i use my phone. I dont tend to forget my phone on the bike.

  4. Monkeyman,

    You don't happen to know what size the screen is on this unit? I have had a look on the website but can't see it.

  5. There was a bunch of them at Maribyrnong Aldi for $79 a few weeks ago. Not sure if they're still there now tho.
  6. I've had the Aldi GPS since late last year and so far it's been quite good.

    It was released with different software than their previous units which seems to work ok.
    You can get it to connect to via internet for upgrades but I must say, instructions on how to do this wasn't very clear...

    Also would have like the option to input routes via pc which is nice when you're planning a coming ride. (Latest software doesn't seem to have this option where I believe the earlier Route66 software could)

    Can't really complain though for the price!
  7. I use my Tom Tom 720,its a car one and has been problematic.To use the headphone jack it needed a volume control in the headphone lead as its designed to rely on the car audio controls for this function and I needed to mount it in a marine Aquibox to waterproof it,and in bright light its hard to see so adapting a car one has problems.BUT one great feature of the Tom Tom is for $40 a year you can get updated speed camera alerts.Very handy for these new Red Light cameras and going to places where you don't know where the fixed cameras are.
  8. I have an iPhone (I'm sure I'll be flamed for that) and one of the best purchases I made from the app store was Metroview Navigator. It was $25, lifetime updates, can be used on all IOS devices (iPad, wifes iPhone, daughters iPhone). It's one of the best Navigators I've used. Speed alerts, camera alerts, tells you what lane is best to be in etc. I have a bluetooth headset (interphone 4) which auto answers etc if I get a call (if it rings, I simple say 'answer' and it does.. if I want to... don't often accept calls while riding I must say). I got a 12 volt socket installed under my seat, ran a cable up under the tank to a $27 waterproof case mounted on my handle bars for the phone. Often I don't worry about putting the phone in the case, I just leave it in my pocket. I can hear the navigator from there, and that's really all I need. Works great for me.
  9. Same but I have a samsung and and $25 GPS software they advertise on fleabay. I often just have it on my pocket and use the earphone, I also have a sick as magnet i took off from my etag holder thats now holding my phone to the bike, works a treat and doesnt even look like coming off while riding. Im also using a USB charger connected up to the battery and charges my GoPro, phone and couple of other stuff without needing to buy a cigarette socket for them.

    More fiddly than a stand along GPS though and can take a while getting a signal within the city surrounded by tall buildings.
  10. mine gets a GPS signal far quicker than any stand alone GPS that I've owned. While there are good points with my setup, some things that it doesn't do well are that it's almost impossible to use with gloves on, and the phone can overheat if left in the case I have for it on a warm day (especially if stationary). Also, the glare off the case plastic front can make it hard to see during the day. As I said tho, it was very cheap and works really well other than those issues, which I can work around.

  11. The Strike is basically the Aldi GPS with different software as far as I can tell. It costs more than twice as much. Also I believe it can connect to a scala headset, unlike the Aldi one.
  12. For that price over the Aldi unit it better be able to make me a good cuppachino.
  13. that's interesting to learn Brmmm, considering the price diference.
    but then again, if it really can make a cuppachino it would require some sort of mechanical arm.
    maybe i can re-program it to jerk me of
  14. strike is definately the same unit as the aldi not sure of the software though if you want to be jerked of just pm boyracer
  15. No mounting points on the handle bars for boyracer though :p