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GPS Tracking Device

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by theflanker, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. I am interested in putting some sort of GPS tracker in my bike (in case of theft).
    I know there are many fleet tracking options but they are all very expensive.
    I would have thought that some smart fellow has come up with some sort of remote tracking device, probably accompanied with and iPhone app.

    Anyone aware of such a thing?
    It would be better if it was battery operated, that way could be well hidden from the theives.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. I was looking these up a few weeks ago and I could only find ones that had an attached monthly service fee.

    I am very interested if anyone has found a better solution.
  3. Get an old iPhone 3G, jailbreak it, put on iLocalis, get a cheap prepaid data plan.

    I'm not sure how much power it would chew up if it was mainly on standby, but sending its location to the web server every hour or so wouldn't use too much data.

    That said.. almost any phone with GPS and 3G would suffice... finding the app to run on it might not necessarily be as easy. I think iLocalis request a donation for ongoing use, but its gotta be MUCH cheaper than any of the commercial tracking services.
  4. Hi All,

    I after a GPS unit to take with me around Australia that allows live location information back to the google maps so people and view where we are in real time...

    Any idea's

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    Spot 2 - GPS tracker.

    Dual function, allows people to track you , allows you to call for help in an emergency.


    biggest issue in my eyes is power..

    Runs on batteries.

    this is the cheapest price online

    here is a random persons SPOT profile online.


    Spot is the best solution IMHO however there are some cheap APPs for iPhone etc that do similar stuff.

    Motion X is one for iPhone that can auto tweet or update a map or facebook etc ..
  6. Thanks Stu...
    I will check them out.

    I have a couple of questions , I will email you next week

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  8. Hi i just bought a CB900F and with any new toy you always want it to be safe. So far i just rely on a disk lock for the rear wheel and the steering lock.

    I was thinking about this GPS tracker, you just call it and it sends a SMS to you with location. recharge batterys every 2 days I think.


    Also this mobius "action cam" they have bike mounts.


    Camera gets good reviews and i dont know about tracker. anyone think that any of these units are a good idea ?
  9. they only last for a year. then you have to BUY a new one. Every year for the rest of your life..... and there not even out yet.

    seems cool but no thanks.