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GPS Tracker choice

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by 87crisis, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. has anyone had any worthwhile experience with a gps tracking product for your bike? keen to hear some input here as i could get insurance but...F*** that...i like MY bike..i dont want cash to get a replacement...

  2. I looked at the Scorpio GPS solution but the SMS support doesn't exist in Australia. It needed to be linked to a facebook account and auto updates set up to email you when the alarm went off. Kinda pointless IMO.

    If you're interested in something just short of GPS i'd highly recommend the Scorpio 900i series. It has a pager that works to about 250m in clear line. It has a proximity sensor, so you know they're near the bike before then even started fiddling with it. I've got my bike parked in the basement of the next building here at work and i'm picking up a signal no worries, and that's between levels and 3 solid brick walls; about 50m in total distance. I've already had it wake me up at 3am when some drunk fark was playing with the bike and i was out front shoo-ing him off within 10 secs. My wife said it was the fastest i'd ever gotten out of bed.

    I'd love to put a GPS tracker on my bike, maybe someone here'll have a solution. I couldn't find one otherwise.
  3. Hey guys,

    I've recently got a WR450 and will be using it to commute a bit, wouldn't mind adding a gps tracker.

    Will probably add a TPG PAYG Sim to whichever unit I buy, but choosing a unit seems difficult, wondering if anyone had experiences / tips?

    Currently probably looking at one of either of these;


    This one has a MTK gps chipset (meant to be significantly lower power draw compared to the SIRF)
  4. I thought Scorpion had implemented an option for the iPhone with push notifications? I'm keen to look at one for my new bike in a couple of months time. The only downside with it requires a monthly charge of $10/month which I assume is for the mobile sim card in the GPS unit.
  5. iTrak 24-7 Motorcycle GPS Tracker is good but there is another one that i cant think of the brand that gives real time tracking on google maps when you out for a ride or on a tour, plus it it has a sim card so it can send and receive sms.

    and the big plus to the mystery band one is the safety features like if your bike goes 100k's to a dead stop it will call the ambo's and a preset number of your choice and give the spot of the crash.

    iam sure i have some info on this one on my hdd somewhere i will look i remember it cost big $$$ like some where between $1600 - $2000. iTrak 24-7 Motorcycle GPS Tracker only cost $600.
  6. man you wouldn't want an accuracy glitch :eek:
  7. Team moto has a GPS Tracker for $270 or there abouts. http://www.motorader.com.au/

    I am going to get it installed in the new trumpy if the insurance ever pays out.
  8. This is the one with real time tracking


    It's about $600 locally from what I've seen.
  9. I'd advise against that one. Telstra runs off 850mhz/2100mhz (you'll only care for 850 if you're putting a telstra sim in it) and everyone else in aus runs off 900/2100mhz.

    The lower frequencies are generally used in rural areas and the higher ones in metro areas (with the exception of telstra which has 850 everywhere). Laymans terms: you'll get shoddy reception no matter which sim you pop in, unless they take your bike out of the city. Find something that uses different ones.
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  10. I have done some searching on google for the motorader version, and it looks like its generic part number is TK103. ITs a 4 band version, so should be good.

    Manual here: http://www.finetracker.com/upload/files/TK103 GPS vehicle tracker user manual.doc.doc

    Its does most stuff via GPS, but looks like you can tell it to send data to an IP address and port.

    Only thing I cant find is current draw, so not sure how long it would take to flatten a motorcycle battery.

    EBAY versions vary from ~USD80 upto about AUD140. I am going to order one tonight to have a play with, and I will report back here.
  11. Just found another model, TK103B - which has an alarm and access to free tracking webserver.

    Also has free webserver app for your home PC.

    The website http://www.gpstrackerxy.com/Main.aspx has a demo app, user = demo, password = 8888
  12. I suggest you give Peter from Kenma (sole Australian importer) a call before buying it. I wasn't at all impressed with the way it needs to be set up to push updates to you (via facebook).

    Scorpio's products are top of the line, but thanks to Telstra, our GSM support is shitastic.
  13. I don't think that would be a problem if you have an iPhone and use their iPhone app as the iPhone app handles the push notifications so it doesn't need Facebook but its likely I'd verify that before I made a purchase. I only get my new bike in 2 months which is when I'll be looking at it.
  14. Facebook aint going to be around forever, especially now that the might of google is pushing g+. You also might switch to an android phone. I believe Telstra phones are the only ones that worked as well.

    Just saying, keep this in mind. I didn't see the current setup as a long term solution. If the supplier can find a longer term solution and get agreement in place with the telcos, then sweet, i'll switch straight away. I'd love GPS tracking on my bike. It gets enough attention from the wrong people to make me nervous.
  15. I have DataDot on my bike and hopefully It never has to be used but I figure its worthwhile as comprehensively insuring a bike on my L's isn't something I can afford haha
  16. The device is 2g not 3G so this is slightly incorrect. Iirc telstra has 900mhz 2g spectrums well
  17. their 2g spectrum was 1800mhz, which has now been turned into lte.
  18. When you guys find a good unit that is power by 12V without a separate adapter, battery backup, uses 3G instead of GSM/GPRS (and works well on Telstra Next G), has tracking software/web site access for free and/or a smart phone application to view location real time, and is small enough to hide away on a bike securely, please let us all know. :)

    Oh, and if you find such a unit, what SIM card/mobile plan would you use with it?
  19. Seeing as you want a telstra sim in it, I'd go a $10 casual plan, anything sent from the unit will cost extra on top of it. Prepaid, you'll get a years life out of $60 credit, but that leaves an average of $5/mth (2 smses every 3 days?) to use. And you have to remember to recharge otherwise the sim'll expire and your gps is useless.

    Personally, I'd go for a combination of pager + some cheap thing that can text gps coords back to it. There was one unit which would send the page from basement parking to the 5th floor so you'd know when they take it, and if they **** off with it then you have the gps to fall back on.