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GPS speed limiting coming to a bike near you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, May 21, 2009.

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  1. "Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) units will be trialled on Wollongong roads next month and the State Government says that one day it could be a standard feature in all cars."

    ... http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/05/19/2574601.htm
  2. uh, great, more idiotic comments from the "average citizen"

    I dont believe how many people are totally willing to lube up their backside and present to whatever punishment the government wants to dish.
  3. Don't be fooled. Many of the responses you see in the media are actually the equivalent of Trolls.
    Thet actually get people to add very biased or one sided comments.
  4. There'll always be ways around thing. Remember ABS being introduced? People in the more country areas simply pulled the damn things fuse, letting them (including me) get around in gravel areas more safely. I reckon a similar thing would be fairly easy to do, or hell, maybe even steer clear of newer cars with this bogus technology.

    I don't think this is an option of bikes. How will you know when its going to cut? A flashing light? What happens if power cuts when you're cranked over? Personally, I'd rather not find out. The dynamic stability of a bike simply doesn't translate well to this sort of non-user input control.

    If they apply this technology to a vehicle that I am one day forced to buy, then I'm simply going to pull its plug. If I can't do that, then I'll find somone who can. If thats not an option, I'd consider leaving the country. No joke, this proposed legislation really has got me that hot under the collar.

    Hope it doesn't happen - boingk
  5. This technology is less about restricting speed (as its selectable) but more around installing a black box GPS transponder in your car.

    There is early legislation around that is examining measuring your travel by the kilometer and charging you a tax (carbon and use).

    This is trying to psychologically get it accepted.
  6. my first question is what happens when the gps reciever loses reception? i guess it would have to just allow you to do any speed you wanted. i can actaully see this causing accidents.

    plus let's face it. to be honest speed isn't the big bad killer it's made out to be. if your a stupid or careless driver or rider someday, regardless of speed, something will happen.

    but from what i gather it should just be a case of chopping a couple wires, or in the case of a car you want to modify anyway, a new ecu.
  7. oh, whats this?
    ...a GPS antenna?

    and if ita an integrated antenna, learn how to make a faraday cage :wink:
  8. The study is only for cars, and apparently a study of a similar (if not identical?) device on motorcycles in Leeds found that it was dangerous to implement. Cutting a motorcycles throttle mid corner seems to be a bad thing, colour me surprised.

    I have no doubt however that should this be implemented for cars a workaround will be found to fit it to bikes.

    Also someone above mentioned carbon emission tax legislation... have heard that in the USA and UK bills/legislation is either in place or being proposed which would allow for speeding fines on a per km basis, as well as an example of an unpaid parking fine setting the cars speed limit to 0 so it's unable to be driven.

    KEEP IN MIND that the above paragraph is based on what I've read from other individuals, I haven't sighted the proposals myself and as such they could be fairy tales.
  9. this one here is sharp. guess it would depend how the unit is mounted and where. but you could probably just add some mesh to the whole of the fairing, which would pretty much do the job
  10. Theres no mention of throwing it onto motorbikes though. Not that I'm suggesting it won't, I know how naive that sounds. But yeah, I'm fairly sure even politicians see the problems they'd create if they decided to cut off power mid-way through a corner

    EDIT: ahh that thing from Leeds that mewnz was referring was what I was going off.
  11. I think the govt will never do it.

    If bikes/cars were controlled no one would run a red light, no one would speed which means 90% of the govts revenue will be thrown out of the window!
  12. I belive the number was $87 million last year.
  13. Just make an overriding signal (Jammer) with a switch so you can turn it on and off and doesn't modify the look of whatever device its interrupting or have to be close to it.

    I've always wanted to make a mobile phone jammer but the fines are kinda high if you get caught. (wanted to take it to the movies)
  14. That's because by then they would have worked out a way to fine EVERYONE who exceeds the speed limit based on the GPS readings. Australia Card anyone?
  15. shall i quote the total costs of a single fatal accident for you? i'll give you a hint. the 87 million would cover less then 22 fatal accidents.
  16. X2
  17. Oh sorry, I wasn't aware that this would completely eliminate fatal accidents. Completely.

    What speed would you say would cause fatality on the roads? For arguments sake I'm going to say 80. Under this system, there'd be no fatalities in 50 zones right? But what about 80, 90 or 100 zones? This really isn't the life saving measure you make it out to be.
  18. Insider hot tip on this for you guys :wink:

    Without telling to much about 'me', there is no way possible for this to be done accurately, period. It can't happen so do not worry.

    The best the Govt could ever hope for would be a Japan style 180km/h max limit with an R35 style no restriction when at a racetrack (ie fixed GPS location). Anything other than that, they are in fantasy land :wink:
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