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GPS software

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. I had intended to write up a review on my new Samsung Omnia phone, but in the process of trying to find the GPS so I could report on it, I found that everything necessary to do GPS is there, except the maps! Vodafone is a bit vague about all of this, so can someone with the necessary knowledge tell me how, and where, and how much, it is to get the rest of this package working???


  2. You'll have to use Google maps on it. Go to http://m.google.com/maps on your phone and load them up...but be aware you'll end up with data charges for it any time you use them. Alternatively I think you can purchase Route66 maps for it:

  3. After seeing yours and going to the optus shop Paul, I'm getting myself one now! Soon as they get in again I am...
  4. :LOL: I thought that it would be popular when it finally arrived.

    I'm not sure that I NEED the GPS feature; people are always telling me where to go :LOL: :LOL:.

    With Optus, just be careful that you are getting the full version of the Omnia; my brother looked at Telstra's offering and apparently some of the key features are lower spec, or missing altogether!
  5. You have a wife, that should be enough! (According to wives around the world anyway) :LOL:

    Should be ok, it's an Omnia, so if something's missing then it should be relatively simple to recover it as the hardware and (base) software support should still exist. Don't think their locking anything out of it anyway, as they're only selling it on a business plan atm.