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GPS recommendations

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by bonkerrs, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Anyone have a late model/make GPS they would recommend? Finally catching up with technology on this front, my 2007 Gregorys is being laid to rest. But so many brands and models in the market!

    Cheers for any replies!

  2. Garmin Zumo 660 will do "all" phone, stereo music and tell ya where to go =D> wired headset or Bluetooth required
    Garmin Zumo 220 just tell ya where to go and Bluetooth only connection.
    Tom Tom Rider = phone and instructions via Bluetooth (PS the bike powered mount is an "optional accessory" now ](*,) )
    Strike Genius is the Aldi one rebranded, cheap enough BUT you get what you pay for
    OR an app on the phone and a BT headset
  3. Zumo660. A number of netriders have them.

    Loud enough to hear at 60 without headset. Easy to use with gloves on. Allows for route recording and downloading so u can go for a ride and then map it when you get home.

    You can create routes on gmaps and then convert them and upload into the Zumo.

    All thT and more.

    Yes it does photos and music. But I've never used that !

    Oh and it has all the poi for fuel and accom and everything. V handy. :)

    Try Johnny Appleseed gps deal on now for lifetime map updates
  4. Tomtom is about the easiest to use, and the easiest to pirate the maps for.

    But for the bike I just use my phone with Copilot (is ok, not stunning) or google navigation (for when I have phone coverage).
  5. Awesome, I use gmap quite often. This would defo be very good (for me).

    Maybe I should have stated my budget ($250 max). Cause this unit sounds great, might have to blow the budget.

    Lifetime map?

    About Tomtom. How hard is it to upload pirated maps? Is it a torrent download?
  6. Gpsunderground.com has all the answers. It takes me less than 5 mins to download, patch and then upload the maps to my device.

    Of course, if your time is valuable most device manufacturers will sell you a years worth of maps (4 updates) for about $60
  7. Might also pay to consider how much you are going to use it. I have a nav app on my phone and just use a $30 BT headset which can also play music, fm radio and receive calls. Works fine for odd times I need it but I suppose if you are planning some good trips away or need to use a GPS regularly its not really the perfect solution.