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GPS options Gamin Vs Strike

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by Brick, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. I've been looking at options for fitting a GPS to my K1600GT. While the first option is the genuine BMW version, with prices of +$1500 for what is a stripped out Garmin 650 ($700ish) its hard to justify.

    In considering either a Gamin 660 or the smaller cheaper Strike unit. Either would need to be RAM mounted to the bars. Anyone have any experience with either of these units?
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    I have the strike GPS and love it. Tested in remote places without a dropout (phone didnt work). It comes with it's own mount for the handle bars and it charges on the run. It also shuts down when you turn your bike off (with a 10 second option to cancel).

    The unit is waterproof (tested) and glare proof (even when in direct sunlight). You dont need to take your gloves off to map a route either - which is a plus in winter. (not really an issue in Darwin tho :D)

    You can also map out your route in google maps then save and transfer the KML file to the unit. With the re-routing option ticked, you can take a detour and still get to where you need to be.

    It has an 800. 400, and 200 meter pre-warning for and turns, and repeats "turn left (or right)" 5 times when you're about 20 meters from the turn.

    You can also load MP3s onto the memory card and use it for music when your not using it for navigation.

    Oh.. just to note, the speed camera warning does not work in Australia (it's illegal apparently).
  3. Go Garmin
    Comes with bike (RAM) AND car mounts and power commections.
    Does all what the above does PLUS more and WILL play STEREO MP3's while also navigating.
    Does handsfree phone for the carAND can do it for the bike too.

    PS If you need a good system to integrate the K's audio/GPS etc to your head (s) look into the links in my sig :whistle: .
  4. I'm same but for different versions. Been checking and the garmin 660 zumo has very good reviews. There $538 on ebay free postage..or type reviews of each version on google...

  5. Really?!?

    Then I'd just get the latest tweaks from gps underground.
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  7. D'oh. I was under the impression Strike could relay incoming calls as well. Madazz300, can you confirm either way?
  8. My impression is that the Strike will do most of what the more expensive units will do.
  9. Sorry, Brick, but I just don't get it.

    In this day and age when all but the bottom of the line mobile phones have GPS capabilities allowing them to navigate for you, even without phone coverage, and you'll presumably carry your phone with you, why would you want another separate GPS?

    A few years back now, I tried a pukka GPS on my BMW.

    It worked after a fashion, except, riding a motorbike, it is difficult to line up your desire to look at the screen with the position of the sun, to allow you to see the screen. Sometimes you can see it, somethings you can't.

    Now, I just set up the navigation on the phone and listen to the voice instructions, with the phone in my pocket, and get where I want to be, and don't have any hassles about viewing a screen.

    OK, I know, it's too simple.
  10. Is it?

    I know that it's illegal in France, especially with vehicles with Pommie number plates. ;)
  11. No I see your point. I do on occasion use the Where is app on my phone when in unfamiliar towns. However as an idiot who likes to ride distance +800km days) being able to plan a long distance, multiple stop route well ahead of time is also handy. I know the mega $$ BMW unit has a reputation for being hard to see in the sun and in most days it wouldn't get used except to display accurate speed and distances. However as I now have a taste for multiple state runs and plan more in the future, a GPS would be handy. I might then consider not going around monstrous eye sores like the major capitals, but short cut through them instead.
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    Up to you, mate.

    I was only trying to be helpful.

    Back in the days when I had a K100RS, it had an analogue mobile phone fitted and a Sony Pyxis occasionally plugged in as well. Back then, the Pyxis was state of the art for small portable 12 volt GPS's.

    I admit that I had VERY strange requirements in those days! :)

    Sorry, I should explain, when I spoke of using a pukka GPS on my BM, that was referring to a reasonably modern, navigator type GPS on my Roadster, not the Sony on the K bike.

  13. It all depends on what you want. Yes a phone can certainly do it for sure..in my situation..,the phone doesn't give me dirt tracks i want to go on, the Garmin does..as i have it for adventure bike...but thats in my case..and u can add topo maps to it...phone u cant
  14. See I'm simpler than that. I'm just f***en lazy. I'd rather bolt it to the bike and know its there when I want it. I'd also like to know its still there when I want it, hard wire everything in place.

    Its also a BMW thing. We're all gadget freaks and know he with the most farkles wins.
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  15. Hey mate how does the Strike fare in Sydney city and outskirts? I'm not too familiar yet with all the roads in sydney so I need good GPS