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GPS Navigators - in car types mainly

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. The missus wants to get one of those GPS Navigators that talk to you to tell you to turn left in 20 metres, etc..

    I was wondering if any of you folks use one of these, and if so, what brand/models?

    Thing is, I personally don't need one, as I already have the Acme model (Missus-Melway-passenger XR-1122).....

  2. Bought one a couple of weeks ago, Garmin c320, pretty good unit, from Johnny Appleseed in st kilda, hes the cheapest in melb in my opinion. Have a look at the Garmin website lots of models to choose from.
  3. JA is Cheap.

    CH Smith Marine was always cheaper than JA it seems the prices are now comperable.

    Good to see that competition is alive.
  4. A mate of mine bought the NAVMAN 635.

    I think it's that one, it's the best model in the 600 series.

    It's a really nice machine works really well, except for the maps being badly out of date.
    Found a number of intersections were roundabouts instead of traffic lights except they were converted over 5 years ago.

    Turns out the maps that came with it were 2 years old and that new maps cost over $150!!!

    Other than these critisisms, i think it's a great unit.
  5. Martian,

    Whilst I don't own one, I have seen the Garmin Quest in operation and it's the ducks guts.

    The Quest is a portable unit that you can use when out and about for a walk, or a ride on ya pushy, etc, etc. and it's size is awesome. You need to hold one to appreciate its size. The screen is excellent, bright and I believe viewable with polarised sunnies.

    It talks to you and also has a route planner where you give is a start point and finish point and heaps of points in between and it will work out the best route for you.
  6. I am a Tow Truck driver, and I go everywhere, I know how to read a Melways, and most places I go I remember, however one of our other drivers is soley dependent on a Navman system, and going from A to B seem to take him longer. I am sure there are good systems out there, however the cheaper units I am sceptical about, how acurate can they be?
  7. Absolutely tops, They do lie a bit about the best way to go sometimes, but you can tell it to stick to back streets or take highways so it evens out if u want shortest route or easiest route, I use mine to go get milk, ok, I have only had it a few days, i will get over it, but overall tops, even shows speed as seen by satellite, n yep that rubber cup holds onto bike fairings too.